Big Jack’s Rhymes: Feelin’ Sorry

As a long time Rebel fan… Great Caesar’s ghost
Auburn just knocked us from pillar to post.

We gave ’em a game for a while but it didn’t last
And in the second half, we faded away… really fast.

Is it the  coach,the players or maybe a little of each
Blaming the Chancellor may be too much of a reach.

Our football program is so bad,there’s so much we lack
The question among the alumni is- “Can we ever come back.”

The Rebels will come back but not with what’s at hand
Someone has to assert themselves and take a stand.

We need a Johnny Vaught type, a leader if you please
But unfortunately guys like that don’t grow on trees.

But the sooner we begin looking the quicker the start
We will find him and then the alumni will do their part.

Give him what he needs – turn him loose
Show that ‘ol Rebel spirit- plug in the juice.

So come on Rebel fans join with the crowd
Lets make Jake Gibbs and Archie really proud.

Let’s send a message-hear us roar
We’ll be the SEC’s doormat never more…


Written by Jack Eaton on 10/30/11. “Big” Jack can be heard every Friday at 8am on KWAM 990 alongside former County Commissioner John Willingham. He was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

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