Big Jack’s Rhymes: Not Again

These East Carolina fans may not be politically correct, but correct nonetheless.

It’s been said that death and taxes are the only sure bets,
But this weekend’s a wager that is as good as it gets.

East Carolina’s in town, they’re lean and mean,
And they are only favored by seventeen.

Seventeen points may sound like a lot,
But for a lousy defense it’s really not.

The Tigers defense sort of comes and goes,
And it’s said they couldn’t stop a runny nose.

So, if the past be the judge, it seems to me,
Memphis will be lit up like a Christmas tree.

The Tigers offense isn’t that tough either,
So, for the visiting Pirates it’ll be a breather.

Seventeen points–hah–don’t even take stock
I’m telling you, Buster, it’s a dead certain lock.

P.S. I admit to you that I’m coming on strong,
And I have been known in the past to be slightly wrong.

So, while I think you are shooting fish in a barrel
Remember placing your bet, you put yourself in peril.

Written by Jack Eaton on 10/11/11. “Big” Jack can be heard every Friday at 8am on KWAM 990 alongside former County Commissioner John Willingham. He was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

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