Big Jack’s Rhymes: Albert Pujols

The big question in St. Louis so I hear
Is “Where will Albert Pujols be playing next year?”

He’s a free agent and like it or not
To re-sign him will cost the Cardinals a lot.

So how much will it take to keep him on board
Is it more than the ball club can afford?

They’re crunching the numbers and at the end of the day
The experts are saying that right now there is no way.

Albert wants too much and it would seem
If he gets it all he’d bankrupt the team.

I think he’ll leave but I’m telling you
As to where he’ll play: I don’t have a clue.

Cardinals fans are quiet, their lips are sealed
They hope and pray it won’t be Wrigley Field.


Image courtesy of Written by Jack Eaton on 11/07/11. “Big” Jack can be heard every Friday at 8am on KWAM 990 alongside former County Commissioner John Willingham. He was recently inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

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