Memphis is the Worst Team in C-USA… Again

Memphis and UAB fought for bragging rights of a different variety when the two teams meet in an epically bad game on Saturday.  This contest was not about the best of the best, but rather the worst of the worst, as this year’s “Battle for the Bones” decided who would be crowned the worst team in C-USA (and possibly the nation).  Both teams lived up to their hype as two of the worst teams in the nation, but in the end it was Memphis that won the unique honor of being labeled the worst team in C-USA.

Memphis dominated the game through the third quarter and took a 17-35 lead going into the fourth.   Then the Tiger defense pulled a Lebron James and forgot there was one more quarter to play.  Maybe they were preoccupied with thoughts of grandeur at the possibility of winning their third game of the season, or maybe they were trying to figure out what they were going to wear to the Lady Tiger’s first round soccer match against UT Martin.  Whatever the case, the Tiger’s allowed UAB to gain 200 total yards in the fourth quarter, and the Blazer’s were able to score 24 unanswered fourth quarter points in route to a 41-35 victory.

Although UAB won the “Battle for the Bottom”, I mean “Battle for the Bones”; they have nothing to be proud of.  The Blazers gave up a staggering 217 rushing yards to a Memphis team that ranks 114th nationally in rushing, averaging about 93 yards per game before this contest.   Let me put this awe inspiring stat into perspective for you.  If you add up the Tiger’s rushing yards from their other five conference games Memphis has an amazing 221 total rushing yards.  UAB almost gave that many yards to Memphis in one game!

These two teams were on the outside looking in when the Big East pillaged C-USA a few years ago.  They both had solid football and good basketball teams, but were unfortunately left out of Big East expansion.  Now, thanks to a decline in the prestige of their respective football programs, no conference in America wants them, except maybe the OVC.

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