Three reasons why Mike Munchak is not the answer

More than halfway through his first season coaching the Titans, Mike Munchak is showing some signs that he may not be the right guy to replace Jeff Fisher. Here are three reasons why:

1) No Run Game: Munchak is a hall of fame offensive lineman. Munchak has been the offensive line coach for the Titans for many years before becoming head coach. He has coached some of the best linemen in the history of the game, including long time Titans offensive linemen and Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, who is now the O-line coach. So why is there no run game in Tennessee? That is the question that has been asked all season long and nobody seems to have an answer. One would think that if the Titans would be good at anything, they would be good at running the ball considering Munchak’s background. However, the Titans are the worst in the league on the ground and at this point there are no signs of any significant improvement.

2) No Consistency: So far this season Titans fans have seen many numerous identities of the Titans on Sundays. They range from great to awful depending on the day, but not really depending on the opponent. For example, the Titans played terrible in the season opener and suffered a bad loss against the division rival Jaguars. The very next week the Titans came out and dominated the Ravens, one of the best teams in the NFL. And on Sunday the Titans played well in the first half and had a 10-point lead at halftime, but in the second half they couldn’t do anything, giving up 17 points in the half on the way to a disheartening 24-17 loss. It was a tale of two halves. All season the Titans have been up and down with no consistency in their game whatsoever. Titans fans don’t know what they are going to get on Sundays and it’s hard not to think that it may be a result of poor coaching.

3) Lack of Adjustments: Coach Mike Munchak came into the season with a lot of support and high hopes from the fans. However, as the season goes along and the Titans continue to get out-performed and out-played by their opponents throughout the course of the game, many begin to question Munchak’s ability to coach. Of the teams the Titans have wins against, only one, the Ravens, has a winning record. In the games against the Steelers and the Texans when the Titans were down at halftime, it would appear that no adjustments were made in the locker room to try and get back in the game. And on the other end of it, when the Titans have had the lead going into the half, like they did on Sunday against the Bengals, adjustments the opponent made could not be countered by the Titans coaching staff, ultimately ending up in yet another tough loss, leaving the Titans with a 4-4 record at the halfway mark of the season.


  1. How about three reasons Jeff Fisher is the right fit for the Rams.

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