Will the real Titans please stand up?

All season long the one consistency of the Titans has been the inconsistency of their play on the field. They are consistently inconsistent much to the fan’s dismay. The past 3 games starting with Carolina, Titans fans have seen the best and worst of the Titans. The last 3 games have actually summarized the entire season so far for the Titans as far as the lack of consistency from the team from one game to the next. In fact, the Titans have only won back to back games once this season when they beat the Ravens in dominating fashion and then barely got by the Denver Broncos, who were at the time led by Kyle Orton, but since then has been let go by the organization and now led by Tebow Time.
The Titans have struggled all season to establish any kind of identity both on offense and defense. One week the defense will look a team with 11 pro bowlers forcing turnovers and stops all game long, much how they did against Carolina in a dominating 31-3 performance. However, other times the defense will get beat all day long on the ground and through the air, much like they did against Atlanta a week ago. It appears that the defense is having a hard time getting on the same page with each other on a regular basis, and it’s not clear what the reason for that may be. It could be just that this is a new defense with a new defensive coordinator and there are a bunch of new faces that are playing a big role for the defense. With all the inconsistencies that do exist on defense, the one main consistent play Titans fans are excited about is coming from the “U” rookie Colin McGrath at the middle linebacker position. The last 3 games since McGrath has pretty much taken over for Ruud, averaging about 11 tackles a game, not to mention “C-Pimp” (what his teammates call him) came up with a huge pick this past Sunday against the Bucs late in the game.
Aside from the defense, the offense is just as guilty of not having any type of identity. Just as you think we are a passing team, CJ rushes for over 130 yards against the Panthers. Then the following week, Johnson, one of the highest paid players in the league, rushes for a whopping 13 yards on 12 carries against the Falcons. Against the Falcons the Titans struggled all game long in basically every phase of the game. The only positive came when Jake Locker replaced an injured Hasselbeck and got the opportunity to gain some real NFL experience throwing 2 touchdowns to Nate Washington keeping the outcome at least within the spread. Locker’s performance no doubt gave Titans’ fans positive hope about the future of the franchise. As bad as the Titans played against Atlanta it was good to see that they never quit, despite everything that could have and did go wrong for the team that Sunday.
The last game the Titans played was right in tune with how the season has gone. Good one game, bad the next, and then they play well enough to win the next one. It’s been every other week kind of season for the Titans this year. As sloppy as the game was on Sunday, the Titans stuck together and found a way to win. This game had a little bit of everything, from a ton turnovers to huge special team and defensive touchdowns from both teams. Tommy Campbell finally shined in the spotlight on the way to his first NFL touchdown on a kick off return off a reverse from Marc Mariani. It really was a great play from the special teams

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