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The 12 Holidays of MemphiSport: Drop the Strap Day

A fantastical day harkening back to original gladiators, men dress in tights and pretend to hit each other with all manner of objects until the alpha-male finally drops the strap on this leotard, scaring all the other faux-combatants away.

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: On the third day of the 12 Holidays of MemphiSport we give away three gifts. Three lucky commenters will win a brand-new Memphis Heat DVD and movie poster. May your strap drop faster than your opponent, making girls swoon and men run in fear. Happy Drop the Strap Day.

To win, you must answer this question: What is your favorite wrestling move? Leave your answer in the comments below. Three winners will be picked at random.

Thanks to the makers of the Memphis Heat movie for helping us honor Drop the Strap Day. Didn’t win? You can purchase the movie and poster here.  And come back tomorrow for day four of the 12 Holidays of MemphiSport: Day of the Bird.


It is that time of the year again. It is our favorite time of the year. The holidays are upon us. And we at MemphiSport love to show our holiday spirit. This year we have special holiday themed giveaways planned for all 12 days of the most exciting days of the year. 12 days of giveaways. The 12 Holidays of MemphiSport.

The First Holiday of MemphiSport: Caesar’s Day (Free Harrah’s Tunica stuff)
The Second Holiday of MemphiSport: Boggoween (Free Huey’s stuff)


  1. Dustin Starr says:

    Favorite wrestling move?? Duh! The piledriver, of course!

  2. The Piledriver!

  3. Mike Brewer says:

    Definitely the powerbomb.

  4. Zach Hoyt says:

    Without a doubt, the atomic drop. Both because of its awesome name, and the great potential it has for hilarious reactions.

  5. The Tombstone Piledriver!

  6. Hands down, the Figure Four Leglock. Not the mention a strut after your opponent taps out. Wooooo!

  7. Flying elbow drop by the Macho Man

  8. Matt Gatewood says:

    I’ve wasted way too much of my morning thinking about this…

    While I’ve always been partial to Gangrel’s Impaler DDT, I would have to say that DDP’s Diamond Cutter gets the top vote.

  9. Stephanie Herrada says:

    The piledriver!

  10. I don’t really like wrestling. I guess it would have to be the piledriver!

  11. Robert Barsh says:

    My favorite wrestling move…Arn Anderson’s “Spine-Buster”