Win Zoo Lights Tickets and a Memphis Zoo Shirt

THE 12 HOLIDAYS OF MEMPHISPORT: ZOOL Surrounded by packs of animals on all sides, zoolers will celebrate the holiday by lighting the Zool log and skating in circles for never more than an hour.

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: On the seventh day of the 12 Holidays of MemphiSport we give away seven gifts. Seven lucky commenters will win a two tickets to the Memphis Zoo’s annual Zoo Lights celebration as well as a zoo t-shirt. Don’t forget to lace up your skates tight.

TO WIN — ANSWER THIS QUESTION: When is the last time you went ice skating an how long were you able to stay upright before falling on your bum? Leave your answer in the comments below. Seven winners will be picked at random.

THANKS: Props to our friends at the zoo. Visit them this winter and skate to your hearts content. Still looking for a great gift this season? Buy a zoo membership.

WHAT ARE THE 12 HOLIDAYS OF MEMPHISPORT? It is that time of the year again. It is our favorite time of the year. The holidays are upon us. And we at MemphiSport love to show our holiday spirit. This year we have special holiday themed giveaways planned for all 12 days of the most exciting days of the year. 12 days of giveaways. The 12 Holidays of MemphiSport. And you can still win other cool stuff by visiting these pages:

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  1. george bonds says:

    I have never been ice skating but I have always wanted to try

  2. I’ve never ice skated as well, but it seem like fun.

  3. The only time that I ever ice skated was at the Mall of Memphis at an event back in college. I stayed upright for nearly 30 seconds once, which was a huge accomplishment.

  4. Last time I went ice skating was at the Mall of Memphis (age 14, Summer 1990) I stayed upright the entire time I’m sure. I miss the Mall of Memphis & wish it was still open.

  5. Last week. Didn’t fall once!

  6. Stephanie Herrada says:

    The last time I went ice skating it was set up at Liberty Land. I did not fall becasuse there was a cute guy there that I went to school with so I made sure that i did not fall. I did however choke on a corn dog!

  7. Jimmy davison says:

    Broke my leg when I was little – never again.

  8. John Winkler says:

    Can’t skate – I suggest you don’t either. But I do like lights!

  9. Monica Fuller says:

    Oh my gosh the last time I went skating was in the Mall of Mempohis. So how long ago was That LOL at least 15 years. I could back then i would love to take my kids oh what fun that would be.

  10. Craig Greer says:

    what? i cant hear you?

    • Monica Fuller says:

      Ok my 3 sons keep seeing the Zoo lights commercial with the ice skating rink and the are really wanting to go they have never been ice skating and keep asking me how hard it is? I have them about when I used to go at the Mall of Memphis and the fun we had as a family. Can you hear me now lol !!!.