Win Two Grizz Shirts Plus A “Believe Memphis” Headband

THE 12 HOLIDAYS OF MEMPHISPORT: SILVERTIP DAY The bears will soon be out of hibernation. We thought for a while that the bears might sleep through the winter, but just in time for Silvertip Day, the bears are coming out of hibernation, just in time to miss the entire Kardashian who-knows-what.

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: On the sixth day of the 12 Holidays of MemphiSport we give away six gifts. Six lucky commenters will win a a Zach Randolph t-shirt from the Chris Vernon radio show, plus a ‘Believe Memphis’ shirt and headband courtesy of your Memphis Grizzlies. Silvertip Day is here. say it loud and proud.

TO WIN — ANSWER THIS QUESTION: When is the last time you overslept and what did you miss? Was it worth it? Leave your answer in the comments below. Six winners will be picked at random.

THANKS: Much love for our friends Chris Vernon and the Grizzlies. It’s almost time to grind. Season tickets start at $10 per game. And you can get cool Grizz gear from Vernon here. Wear the bear.

WHAT ARE THE 12 HOLIDAYS OF MEMPHISPORT? It is that time of the year again. It is our favorite time of the year. The holidays are upon us. And we at MemphiSport love to show our holiday spirit. This year we have special holiday themed giveaways planned for all 12 days of the most exciting days of the year. 12 days of giveaways. The 12 Holidays of MemphiSport. And you can still win other cool stuff by visiting these pages:

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  1. The last thing I overslept was Memphis Sport Live. It was well worth it.

  2. I last overslept for class back in college. I had to rush because it was exam day. Since I was running behind I decided to park in an apartment complex on campus because I couldn’t find a spot in the parking lot. While I was able to pass the test, my car got towed. Totally NOT worth the extra zzz’s.

  3. I overslept on a work day. It was last year after the Tigers had their midnight game vs Miami. It was well worth it considering the win and the unique opportunity to go to a basketball game at that time of night.

  4. Probably School. It was easily worth it.

  5. Stephanie Herrada says:

    The last time I over slept I missed seeing all the snow that fell over night! I was extremely disappointed because I do love snow. memphis really needs to get several feet this year and it needs to stay on the ground for at least 2 days before melting away!

  6. I overslept for work on Friday, and despite being yelled at by my boss, it was totally worth it,

  7. Never overslept before, I am always punctual

  8. Kristin Postner says:

    The last time I overslept was when I was sick.

  9. Reggie Arnold says:

    Yo I want to win, but I don know when I slept late. Cool?

  10. Jimmy davison says:

    Slept past dinner one time – It was awesome

  11. Monica Fuller says:

    I overslept the last time about 3 years ago. And no it was not worth it I am a bus driver and it was a mess.