Front Nine: Ferrakohn Hall

This article originally appeared in the January 2012 issue of MemphiSport. 

After playing in the Big East with Seton Hall, this 6’8” 224 lb. forward transferred to the University of Memphis, Ferrakohn Hall became eligible to play last month.

What do you think the biggest difference will be between playing in Conference USA versus the Big East?

Well, C-USA has a lot of really good teams, a lot of really athletic teams, and that may be a large difference. The Big East is probably a lot more physical. But all college basketball teams are very good. You can’t underestimate anybody’s abilities.

You transferred from Seton Hall to Memphis. What was the main factor that made you come here?

As you can tell, this is home for me. I always wanted to be at home, and when the opportunity presented itself I definitely wanted to just grab hold of it. I love Memphis, Tennessee and I wanted to go out there and play for those guys. And once I get comfortable on the court I can show it all.

When you were a kid, did you envision yourself one day becoming a Tiger? 

Most definitely. I couldn’t see myself doing anything but that. And later on down the road in high school things didn’t go correctly and I couldn’t quite come, but I knew in my mind that I always wanted to get back to Memphis. I grew up watching the old Memphis teams: Kelly Wise and Earl Barron. It goes further beyond that but that was my era of watching guys. My big brother, James Scruggs is a very big fan of Memphis, so that’s how I was.

What would make you consider this a successful season?

That we go on to win big. We want to win a championship, you know. I don’t want personal glory, I just want us to win. To try to win every game from here on out.

Who is the player you most admire or want to be like?

I look at a lot of different players in the NBA and try to emulate those guys’ game like Chris Bosh, Thaddeus Young, Tayshaun Prince. There are a lot of guys that are kind of like me, play the four and have had to play a lot of different positions. There are so many kinds you can’t really name them.

As a transfer, how tough has it been having to sit out the beginning of the year and watch?

It’s been very difficult. You sit there and you want to say things, but at the same time, you know, once you get in there, are you going to be able to do this? So you can’t really voice your opinion until you get in and do your own thing. But now that I’m in there I can see things and I’m starting to try to figure everything out.

Who has better food? Memphis or New Jersey?

Memphis. Come on man. It’s obvious. I’m not into Italian food. I like barbecue and chicken wings, that type of stuff. It’s different up there. We eat Chinese food and Italian but here it’s a lot better.

You can’t necessarily play basketball the rest of your life. What else might you see yourself doing?

I’d like to get into sportscasting. Or sports management or something. The other day I was talking to the bus driver, and I don’t want to be a bus driver. But I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of myself and help my family out.

Your last name is Hall, and you wound up at Seton Hall. Are you going to change your name to Memphis now?

I wish my last name was Memphis, but it’s all good, that’s my middle name. I love Memphis. I bleed blue.

Michael Jones is the Tiger basketball beat writer for MemphiSport. You can follow him via Twitter @MemphisMichaelJ.

-Photos by Justin Ford

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