The Kings are staring spring in the face right now

Another week has gone by. How did last week go?  Same as every other week. One win –two defeats.

On Sunday the RiverKings won in overtime edging the Surge 3-2. The reason we won this one was  Scott Darling was outstanding between the pipes, he stopped 33 of 35 shots.

On Saturday the Kings COULDN’T PULL OFF AN OVERTIME WIN,the Huntsville Havoc edged us 4-3.

On Friday night the FireAntz beat us 5-4 in the toilet bowl.

The Antz netminder Mike Brown was unbelievable between the pipes, he stopped 39 of 43 shots directed his way.

Up next for the RiverKings…They are away this week for a doubleheader on Friday and Saturday night. They will be in Fayetteville. RiverKings vs FireAntz at 6:30. Both games will be aired on Sports 56 and America One.

Joe Sports thoughts…

The Kings’ are staring spring in the face right now.  So are their fans!  There’s so much to say and so little time.

A big part of the reason that the Kings’ are pretty much finished is because they can’t finish.  The Kings fire 10 thousand shots on goal and only score 3 goals. What they’re clearly lacking is a true “finisher”.  The coach’s job is to manage his assets.  He clearly hasn’t done that.

Two weeks notice:

If this team hits the ice next Friday(January 20th.) with the same staff in place, I will have truly given up all hope on this franchise under current ownership.

I really don’t want to see folks lose jobs but you just CANNOT permit this kind of performance without consequences. It just cannot happen. It can’t be tolerated.

Certainly not to the extent of 8 damn wins in 15 games!  I don’t think any of the other teams in this league wouldn’t have made a change by now.

Here are a few scenarios I would consider for a shakeup.  The ”  Trick”:

If no changes by NEXT Thursday(January 19th) then the message is clear. There truly is no accountability from those signing the paychecks.  There truly is no pride in the jersey.  There truly is no hope.

The playoffs and this season are a lost cause. But in the right hands, the rest of this season can be a vital tool towards making sure next season is not one.

If they reach 20 losses before they hit 11 wins I will consider that a magnificent feat.

The coach and general manager need to get the axe. There’s no way you can justify any of these people keeping their jobs.

Replace them with someone who can give it an identity from the ground up.

The way it is run right now isn’t working, and trying to pretend like it is or it will soon is just going to drive fans away.

That’s the way I see it and I’m Joe Sports.

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