New Grizzlies song is released as team clinches playoff spot

Nick Tutor, founder of, has written a song dedicated to the Memphis Grizzlies and the “Believe Memphis” tagline associated with the team. A huge Grizzlies fan, Nick was around for the unforgettable playoff push last season and couldn’t help but put it into words.

“I thought the 2011 playoff run was ridiculously awesome, and I felt like the team deserved a tribute song in honor of what they did for the city of Memphis,” Tutor explained.

The aspiring musician wrote “We Believe” but left verses open for Memphis recording artist Young Ru.

“The basic idea was to create a sort of ‘we are the champions’ for the Grizzlies and then let Young Ru tell the story while giving shout outs to all the stars that made it happen,” Tutor said.

Watch the music video for “We Believe”:

Download the “We Believe” mp3 at

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