The 2012 M Awards Voting is Now Live

M Stands for Memphis. M Stands for major league. M stands for magnanimous. M stands for marvelous, master, and most of all, MemphiSport.

The M Award stands for all that is great in Memphis area sports. And the best part is that it is up to you. That’s right, you -the readers, listeners and viewers- will be the only judges for this award. No referees, no coaches poll, and no panel of experts. You vote for the best of the past year in Memphis Sports. This year’s nominees are for the period between June 2011 and June 2012. (Note: M also stands for multiple choice – we took the liberty of selecting who we feel are the most deserving for each award, but feel free to select anyone you choose.)

You are in charge here, and what you say goes. You make the picks and we tabulate the results. That’s all there is to it. Look for the winners to start appearing right here on starting July 1.


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