2012 M Awards: Best National Sports Bar/Restaurant

Step 1: Sit down. Step 2: Get a plate of wings. Make ’em hot. Step 4: Eat a couple wings. Hey look, there is a TV. And another. And another. And another. Step 4: Fill your belly with beer. Step 5: Eat more wings. Step 6: Lick your fingers. Step 7: Use the restroom. Step 8: Return to step one, and repeat until exhausted. Buffalo Wild Wings, I think I love you.

Buffalo Wild WingsFirst Place: 35.99%
Flying SaucerSecond Place: 21.97%
Fox and HoundThird Place: 18.47%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Sit Down I Think I Love You by Buffalo Springfield. So what do you think, Memphis? Do you get it right? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

The 2012 M Award Winners

Favorite Concessions: FedExForum
Favorite Place To Tailgate: Tiger Lane
Favorite Sporting Venue: FedExForum
Favorite Race: St. Jude Marathon
Best Game: Grizzlies Game 6 Win
Most Memorable Moment: University of Memphis Gets Invitation to the Big East
Favorite Annual Event: Memphis Madness
Moment We Would Most Like To Forget: Grizzlies Game 1 Collapse to the Clippers
Best Offbeat Moment: Josh Pastner Accidentally Tweeting Out “Tony Parker”
Best Musical Performance: Ellen, St. Jude Patient, Singing the National Anthem at a Grizzlies Game
Best Place To Stock Up For The Big Game: Kroger
Best Local Sports Bar/Restaurant: Huey’s
Best National Sports Bar/Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings

Check back here daily in the month of July for a new winner in MemphiSport’s annual celebration of the best in Memphis sports.

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