2012 M Awards: Best Offbeat Moment

Without photography, children would never believe their parents’ claims that they were once cool, and photo-finish horse races would have to be decided by subjecting the equines to a polygraph. We nearly needed the service of the photo finishing experts at Southland Greyhound park for this category, which was a bottleneck at the finish. But, alas, simply listing Josh Pastner’s name brings out all the 13-year-old girl to the voting both. We are sure that is what threw him over the top. Now let’s go to the tape and check that photo finish one more time.

Josh Pastner Accidentally Tweeting Out “Tony Parker”First Place: 20.50%
The Celebration By 12-Year-Old Superfan “Big Dawg B”Second Place: 17.98%
Impromptu Dance-Off at the Grizzlies Game Between the Big Guy and the Blonde WomanThird Place: 16.09%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Horses by The Refreshments. So what do you think, Memphis? Do you get it right? Do we need to get Josh Pastner some tweeting lessons? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

The 2012 M Award Winners

Favorite Concessions: FedExForum
Favorite Place To Tailgate: Tiger Lane
Favorite Sporting Venue: FedExForum
Favorite Race: St. Jude Marathon
Best Game: Grizzlies Game 6 Win
Most Memorable Moment: University of Memphis Gets Invitation to the Big East
Favorite Annual Event: Memphis Madness
Moment We Would Most Like To Forget: Grizzlies Game 1 Collapse to the Clippers
Best Offbeat Moment: Josh Pastner Accidentally Tweeting Out “Tony Parker”

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