2012 M Awards: Favorite Annual Event

We’re crazy here at MemphiSport. Come on down and see all the deals we have today. We have delicious concessions. We’ve got romantic tailgating spots. How about a nearly 10 year old sporting facility? Is a race for charity in your budget? We have all that and more! It’s madness down here. We are C-R-A-Z-Y!  And you are too. Year in and year out you always seem to pick Memphis Madness as your Favorite Annual Event. It never fails. Second place is always a toss up though, but who cares. Today we are selling Madness. Come get some. We’re crazy here at MemphiSport.

Memphis MadnessFirst Place: 36.64%
St. Jude ClassicSecond Place: 25.83%
Grizzlies MLK Day GameThird Place: 13.81%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Sound of Madness by Shinedown. So what do you think, Memphis? What’s your madness? What makes you crazy? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

The 2012 M Award Winners

Favorite Concessions: FedExForum
Favorite Place To Tailgate: Tiger Lane
Favorite Sporting Venue: FedExForum
Favorite Race: St. Jude Marathon
Best Game: Grizzlies Game 6 Win
Most Memorable Moment: University of Memphis Gets Invitation to the Big East

Check back here daily in the month of July for a new winner in MemphiSport’s annual celebration of the best in Memphis sports.

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