MSL Exclusive: Sid Vicious responds to comments made by Russell Hantz

Former world champion and current father of Frank from Big Brother 14 (Sycho) Sid Vicious returned to MSL with Kevin Cerrito to address controversial comments made by Survivor villain Russell Hantz and his brother Willie. In the interview, Sid says if Russell really wants to fight him, he will.

AUDIO (Warning: Explicit Language):

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  1. I smell double powerbombs for the Hantz brothers.They are making a BIG mistake messing with the MASTER AND RULER OF THE WORLD!!!

  2. Wrestling is fake!!!!!

  3. Love Frank! He is the most real houseguest on BB!! If the Eudy family is any indication of his upbringing then they are ok in my book. While I like the Hantz brothers also and have enjoyed their realm in the reality spotlight, they really need to be a better sport about losing. The Hantz brothers have ALL had their 15 minutes of fame so they need to step back and let others have it for awhile. Quit trying to make waves where there shouldnt be any.


  5. vicky rowe says:

    Frank, u played a hell of a game, but being the good southern boy u are u put ur trust in Dan the snake—-I live in Paragould ark. and enjoyed u talking about home. I own a small sports pub in down-town Paragould, its fun, no drama just alot of good fokes that are like family and love those HOGS!!!!! it would be amazing if u ever were in the area and stopped by—my place would rock!!!!! I know u will go to the all-stars game. now that u are gone not so sure who I would like to see win—–it won’t be the same without ur wonderful smile now…keep ur head up—it ain’t over yet bubba!!!!!

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