Memorable moments you might have missed in the Titans’ overtime win against the Lions

Coming into this game against the Detroit Lions no one gave the Titans a chance to win.  The game was such a non-factor that it was not shown in Memphis on the local FOX affiliate.  Instead of the state’s team, Fox 13 showed the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Unfortunately for fans in the Mid-South, the Cowboys game did not come close to being as entertaining as the one happening in Nashville.

Chris Johnson (28) of the Tennessee Titans is protected by a wall of blockers against the Detroit Lions. Photo by Terry Davis

Because the game was blacked out in Memphis, not many people in West Tennessee got to see the game. Here is what they missed:

Music City Musical 2.  A play similar to the original Music City Miracle that occurred on January 8, 2000 in a playoff game against the Buffalo Bills on a 75 yard kickoff touchdown to win the game.  Today’s play was less dramatic, but still exciting.  Darius Reynaud received a punt from Ben Graham.  Reynaud threw a pass backwards 2 yards across the field  to Tommie Campbell.  Campbell behind great blocking ran for 65 yards and a touchdown to give the Titans 10-6 lead.

A Cook Bomb.   Early in the second quarterback Jake Locker found tight end Jared Cook deep down the middle for a 61 yard touchdown bomb.  This was Cook’s first touchdown reception of the year.

Longest kickoff returns in Titans history.  Reynaud received a kickoff from Jason Hanson and he took it to the house and scored on the longest kickoff for a touchdown in Titans’ history.

Washington makes a difference.  Locker found veteran wide receiver Nate Washington for a 71 yard touchdown.  Washington went over of a defender to take the ball away and sprinted to the end zone.

A fumble return for a touchdown.  Matt  Stafford threw a completed pass to Brandon Pettigrew and he was striped by Alterraun Verner and Verner dashed down the lineside for 72 yards and a seemingly insurmountable 41-27 lead with 1L16 left in the game.

A 14 point comeback.   Stafford left the game with 1:16 in the game and Shuan Hill entered the game.  Seven plays later Hill hit Calvin Johnson for a 3 yard touchdown that was aided by a 15 yard roughing the passing penalty.

Onside kickoff.  The Lion executed a perfect onside kickoff that was recovered with 16 seconds left in the game.  Amari Spievey recovered the kickoff for the Lions on the Titans’ 46 yard line.

A Hail Mary.  Hill with 6 seconds left Hill drop back deep in the pocket and found Titus Young in the middle of a pile of receivers and defenders in the end zone for the tying score.

Overtime drama.  The Titans took their opening drive to the Lions 8 yard line where they were forced to kick a field goal.  The Lions took the ensuing kickoff  down to the Titan’s 7 yard line.  On fourth and one the Lions tried to catch the Titans off guard and ran a quarterback sneak.  After the measurement, the Lions were just short and the Titans took the 44-41 win.  This is the first win in Locker’s professional career.

These are only a small sample of what you missed in the Lions vs. Titans game because it was blacked out in Memphis.

This was only the second game in the NFL’s  history where there was a kickoff return for a touchdown, punt return for a touchdown, an onside kickoff recovery and a hail Mary for a touchdown all in the same game.

Terry Davis covers the Tennessee Titans for MemphiSport. Follow him @Terryd515.


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  1. Thank you for the story. Fox 13 Memphis made a very bad decision not to broadcast the game. Anything will happen in the NFL and any game may have a potential of being a classic. This game might be the game of the year in NFL and Memphis fans missed it. Hopefully Fox or CBS will broadcast upcoming games no matter what the record is. Terry, you have a much bigger voice than any of us and please don’t let this happen again. Show us our Tennessee Titans! Thank you

  2. It did turn out to be a poor decision because unless you had NFL Sunday Ticket, you were out of luck in Memphis to see the game and it was a classic. I realize there are some bitter feelings here in Memphis about Nashville getting the Titans instead of us, but the truth is they were willing to build a new stadium and we have the Liberty Bowl. I know that isn’t popular opinion around here, but it is what it is. I love the Titans and I wish all of our local sports talkshows that only talk the SEC (not meant as a put down to the SEC) realized there are a lot of NFL fans here too. Personally I prefer the NFL to college football. That game was exciting from start to finish and it is a shame many people did not see it.

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