MSL Exclusive: Sabrina Vicious talks about Frank’s eviction from the Big Brother house

Sabrina Vicious joined Kevin Cerrito on MSL to talk about how she is dealing with the eviction of her son Frank from the Big Brother house. Plus, Mrs. Vicious answers the same questions Julie Chen asked Frank following his exit from the house.


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  1. dan did not swear on the bible … ( i repeat)… dan did not swear on the bible about making a f2 deal with frank… he swore on his wife and the cross he is wearing around his neck that the info he gave frank about ian and the qp alliance was the truth… he did not swear on the bible about the f2 deal he made with frank he shook hands with frank for the f2 deal cbs edited it to look like dan swore on the bible … but dan did not swear on the bible i went back 3 times to see what did happen in that meeting with frank and dan + i dont have a favorite to win i careless who wins this game. my mother always told me to make sure what i see or hear is the truth befor i want to say anthing or voice my opinion

    • Thank you! I have been saying that every week since Dan did that! He didn’t swear on the bible for the f2 deal. Thank god someone is getting thier info right. They even got Dan saying he did. lol

    • Esther Anderson says:

      I disagree. Dan swore on the bible that everything he is said is the truth. He also stated that anything Frank asks him he will be truthful. So he swore on the bible on his family and f2 deal.

    • Dan swore which means it was swearing on everything sacred to him. Dan’s wife was even shocked that Dan didnt keep his deal with FRANK. She said after swearing he would keep his word he would never break his word after swearing on the BIBLE!!!

      • His wife was NOT shocked…She said he shared his strategy with her before hand and she said he only swore on the bible about what he was saying about the quack pack…Don’t presume to know what she said without knowing

    • EvelyennaLAddamms says:

      Swearing on your wife makes it much better,hm? Whatever happened to morals……………..
      Your thought process is unbelievable

    • you are so right. he did not swear on the bible. frank made a bonehead move because he was faced with a superior mind and player of this game. it must be hard though for a mom to watch her son get defeated. it might be easier though, if she admitted that her son was a bully and talked like a woman hater. that comment about chelsea, dan’s wife, was not cool. over the line…how about THAT one mrs. vicious (really…mrs. vicious? off the chain ridiculous).


    • YES, DAN SWORE on the bible, his wife and his dead grandfather! I watch the live feeds and even went back and rewatched that part to try to figure out how anybody could say he didn’t. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that people say he didn’t! The really funny thing is DAN EVEN SAID HE DID and SO DID HIS WIFE CHELSEA! How can these DELUSIONAL PEOPLE it didn’t happen? It’s hilarious!! I’m not “he’s going to hell for it” and all that, but it was a pretty shady thing to do. It’s like Mrs. Vicious said – he could have just sworn on his own life. People – please come off your delusions that it didn’t happen when it clearly did and even Dan and his wife said it did. It makes people look stupid imo. It’s just a game. DAN’S A SNAKE AND HE DID IT, GET OVER IT. He may even get 500K richer because of it. Sick I know, but it’s a game. I would always prefer somebody to win that plays the more honest game and has to fight (like Frank), but they all have to lie and manipulate some. Just some come out of the house INTEGRITY in hand and others MONEY!

  2. Frank was a huge liar in the game, He did many people wrong in that house. Stop the holier then thou attitude. Frank had the most disrespectful mouth, cursed every other word, glad not to hear it anymore

    • Who did Frank break his word to? Who broke their word to Frank?

    • and i supose your also an ian fan who says the f word every other word out his mouth. dont know what show u frank bashers r watching but u r delousional

    • Thank you….I agree with your sentiments regarding narcissistic Frank…. I am also so tired of hearing his “desperate” parents and the attitude that Frank so obviously got from them…. Frank is a self centered spoiled brat who believed that he was the only deserving & honest game player….BTW- Hey Franks mom….He was on the block so much because he does not appear to be much of a likable person….just my opinion…
      last note- not a n=big Danielle fan but where does The wrestles wife get off calling her names or for that matter bringing Dan’s wife into the conversation….

  3. I love how all of the Frank fans out there (and Frank’s parents, apparently) are so fixated on Dan supposedly swearing on the Bible on that final two deal when it never even happened. The only thing he actually swore on the Bible about was that the information he was telling him about Ian double-crossing he and Mike was true. CBS edited that conversation to make it look as if he’d sworn on the Bible for that F2 deal. I also think that it’s funny how nobody is mentioning the fact that Dan really did want to work with Frank until he found out he was throwing him under the bus the second Ian won HoH the next week by telling him to put Dan up on the block. Frank went back on the deal first. You can’t trust the CBS edit to paint the entire picture and those of us who watch the feeds know that there is much more to it than what is being shown.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the main reason why Frank was nominated for eviction every time he was eligible had absolutely nothing to do with the entire house supposedly ganging up on him and everything to do with the fact that his social game stunk out loud. When you walk around the house calling people names and bragging about how you and only you deserve to win the game, people aren’t going to want to keep you around. His sense of entitlement, bad attitude in general and the fact that he was cheating on competitions are just a few of the many reasons why nobody wanted him in the house. He may be a great competitor but his lackluster social game is what ultimately did him in.

    • dan admitted swearing on the bible n his diary room sessions. u all fit in good with the rat ian, dani the needy liar, shane the fallower,


    • YOU”RE so delusional. Do you watch the live feeds? Did you hear Dan say on 2 different occasions that HE DID SWEAR ON THE BIBLE AND HIS WIFE TO FRANK?? Did you see in the interview with Chelsea that she said the same thing? I wonder WHY WOULD THEY SAY THAT IF IT NEVER HAPPENED?? Get your facts straight before you spew your fiflth!! It’s amazing that people can be so stupid and deluded by a reality game!

  4. Frank is a disgusting, arrogant, misogynistic asshole. Which is why he was constantly put up and nominated. I’m tired of people who have not followed the feeds thinking Frank is a great guy. He was the worst person in the house…

    As for Dan, he did NOT swear on the bible about a F2 with Dan. Stop blaming Dan because Frank is too dumb of a player to trust someone who he was trying to backdoor the entire game.
    And even if Dan DID swear on the bible… IT’S A FICTIONAL BOOK!! Who cares!? Frank is a moron for believing him.

    Bottom line, Frank was an arrogant bastard when he was HOH, and a whiny, arrogant bully who tried to intimidate people into doing what he wanted when he wasn’t. Thank GOD he was gone- about two months too late.

    • AllYourBasesCovered says:

      So glad someone said it! Dan does seem to believe the bible is fact, which honestly does bother me a little as he is my favorite to win. He has the best game, that’s it. Dan swore he was being honest when he was telling Frank about the alliance, not for the rest of time!
      Frank on the other hand had a rotten game, all he could do was win comps and say disgusting things about the other house guests with Boogie. He isolated himself with his BBF and then expected everyone to “roll with him.” Frank is an ignorant country bumpkin that apparently never understood this game at all. Britney said it best, in BB you are a good player if you win comps when you need to and you don’t need to all the time. A good player wouldn’t be on the block every week.
      His family will of course say he is a good guy and honest, but we feeders and readers know the truth, Frank has a too fragile ego for this game but mostly the deal is this guy is an giant douchebag and probably always has been.

    • thanks for saying that…much better than i would have for sure. the dude (except for his chi chi chi chia hair) is foul. can’t wait for him to slip into oblivion.

  5. Frank had a disgusting mouth, was misogynistic, a rude person and a bully. I am GLAD he is gone. Bye Bye, Don’t come back!

    • AllYourBasesCovered says:

      Thanks, I totally forgot to mention that Frank is a disgusting misogynist.
      Oh, and to him and his ma, when you know the period of time you are speaking about you should use “when” you should only use “whenever” when speaking about an event that you are not sure when it happened.

    • I completely agree with what you wrote but in my opinion his “disgusting mouth” (as you put it) was worse than any other house guest(s) I’ve heard in this and past seasons. It seemed to me that almost every second word coming out of his foul mouth was **mother fu*ker**. Surely at his age he must know what these words imply. If he doesn’t comprehend the meaning, I wish someone would explain it to him, then call him that. I would like to see his reaction when someone implies he’s in an incestuous relationship with his own mother. Granted, I’ve heard many others use those words but not to the extent Frank has done. Possibly many of you will disagree with me, thinking it’s not a big deal but at least give it some thought. Just my own opinion.

    • A misogynist is Dan Gheesling who would emotionally abuse a woman on national TV, tell her he didn’t mean it, and continue to pull her strings. This is the pattern of abuse and he found the perfect victim/partner in Danielle who carries emotional scars of child abuse.

  6. enilda rivera says:

    Frank was a great guy who was a dealt a bad card in that house. One being on Boogie’s team and the other being seen as a threat on week 1. Frank should have left Dan on the block and gotten rid of him when he had the chance. I’m sure he could have won another POV to save himself if once again Ian or Shane put him up. I’m hoping Frank has learned never to believe a man called Judas……there was reason for that.

    • didn’t frank embrace the idea of being a villain on the show? choice, meet consequence.

    • The live feeds don’t lie. Frank was an arrogant, entitled bully who walked around the house calling people names when he didn’t get his way. He often told the other houseguests that he deserved to win the game more than they did because he’s been trying to get on the show for three years. Many of the houseguests were offended by this, as they left their jobs and families to go on the show and Frank has been unemployed for the past three years. Only one person can win the money and you can’t fault the other houseguests for not just laying down and letting Frank cruise his way to the win. It’s how the game is played.


      • Haha – who told you this on the live feeds? Was it delusional Danielle or lying if my mouth is moving Joe? I watch live feeds and NEVER heard Frank say he deserved to be there more than anbyody. He just talked about how hard he tried to get on the show and how some people were cast – WHICH IS TRUE! Danielle twisted everything he said to sound like he was being terrible to her, which he was actually being nice to her and then people believed her. IT MADE ME SICK! Of course if somebody said that Kara had nice legs, Dani would have interpreted it to the person saying – he said my legs were fat! (Just an example). Anyway, did you hear Frank say it – no. Did you hear Dani and Joe say he said it – yes – please consider the source! Oh yeah – what feeds are you watching? When did Frank walk around the house calling people names – please enlighten me!

  7. Frank was an embarassment to the game. He was arrogant, egotistical, rude, entitled, bitter and short sighted. Frank, like his coach, hates women. He farted on other houseguest (Jenn) and the HG complained he smelled. His arguements to keep himself always included the fact he has spent the last three years unemployed living with his Nana in Florida and trying to get on a reality show instead of getting a job. That made the other HG upset because they left their lives too (and jobs) for this experience. On top of all that the game was blatantly rigged at times to keep Frank starting with the reset on top of the stupid decision by Dan, Danielle and Britney to backdoor Janelle to appease Boogie (who as Janelle said on the feeds “is in love with Frank”). BB normally doesn’t have so many double evictions (there are two more to come this week – Wed & Thurs) especially with this many HG. Frank was always on the block when he wasn’t HOH because NO ONE besides Boogie liked him. Frank and Boogie treated Ian with no respect and I’m glad Ian backstabbed them both and I actually like Mike Boogie. Frank had such a hard on for Dan that he couldn’t grasp that it was Ian that informed Brit and Shane about putting them up if Froogie won the next HOH. Froogie also had no social game as they spent 90% together either exercising, sleeping or trashing the other houseguest including Dan (Boogie called Brit a b**ch and said he was “going to Michigan to *&^% Dan’s wife”). Real nice guys there. With the exception of competition wins, he was just a horrible player and his diary room sessions were worse than Dan’s to watch. If Frank is as big of a fan as he claimed he would have known to NEVER trust Dan especially after Boogie left. Dan would have been able to work with him and Boogie if he could trust him for awhile but Frank wanted to backdoor Dan (rumour is the DR informed Dan of) which Boogie stopped him from doing. Frank claimed he read books on mind manipulation. Yeah Frank might want to return those books and buy a clue. As for Dan I could care less what he sweared on. God has more to deal with in the real world than a Father Dan playing a game based on lying, greed and manipulation. Dan and Will Kirby are the the best players to ever play this game. Frank is the polar opposite of a Dr. Will. Dr. Will was good looking, charming and charasmatic. Frank only has himself to blame for being a grade A moron and believing Dan. It’s his own fault he lost and I hope I never half to suffer another season with this bitter jerk again.

    • truthwillwin says:

      Thank you for telling it like it is, noonecares.

    • Thatk you noonecares – your name says it all! Frank was by the far one of the best players in years! He is great looking, entertaining, charismatic, charming, comp beast physically and mentally. Obviously, he made a HUGE IMPRESSION because he’s caused such a stir! Most people that I have come across LOVE FRANK. It’s bitter people that can’t stand it when somebody actually stands up for what they believe in and go against the grain. How dare Frank be honest and straight forward in the Big Brother house! Who has the audacity or nerve to do such a thing??? Oh yeah – FRANK! He called a spade a spade and people can’t stand it and call him arrogant. Gues what – he’s got an ego and he certainly should in my book. Frank fought harder than anybody this season by miles! If you’re a true BB fan, you can’t call that an embarrasment unless your maybe hmmmmmmm– bitter??? Haha FRANK YOU WERE GREAT THIS SEASON – BEST HG BY FAR! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN ALLSTARS – WELL DESERVED – YES I SAID DESERVED!!!!

    • You hit the nail on the head! Thank you! Also, I really don’t want to ever want to hear from this entitled ass & for that matter- his bitter, (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) parents either! GO DAN !!

  8. dan sucks

  9. OH Please…Frank was going to turn on Dan if he got the chance, he even said it!!!!
    Promlbem is Frank Got it First!! and I’m Glad… he was a piece of crap…..we all saw!

    Dan sore that he was telling thr true about what had gone on…not F2!!
    Enough of Frank the nana and momma’s boy that needs to go to work, instead of living off his family…no wonder he feels everything is owed to him!

  10. The only way to save this season of Big Brother is for anyone but Dan, and to a lesser extent, Danielle to win the game.

    Dan has been treacherous and duplicitous, all the while wrapping himself in pious devotion. Frank detractors can bash all they want, but his tenacity, pure grit and competitive spirit were admirable. He was also kind and he has a strength of character that is unrivaled in the Big Brother house.

    I hope Frank isn’t too hard on himself for trusting a dishonest bottom dweller like Dan Gheesling. No one would think anyone who presented himself as a person of strong faith would hide behind it as he went about lying and deceiving both friend and foe.

    The blindsides in the house have been ongoing because the Quack Pack are a band of cowards. They literally strip houseguests of the chance to fight and stay in the house, and they’re too afraid to be called on their horrendous behavior. No one left in that game deserves to be there as much as Frank did, and I also think it speaks to his character that he never name dropped by announcing his father’s name and former profession.

  11. Dan is a coward and uses the Bible as his tool – what a douchebag. For someone who was on the block 6 times as a Target – Frank handled himself well. Not one of the cowards they cast this year could have handled it as well as Frank – they would have been in the corner crying – Go Frank – see you back for AllStars.

    • He was on the block because he was decent at comps but mainly because he is not a well liked cast member- BB casting looks for a polarizing cast…however, I don’t believe that they want ind. on the show that make viewers NOT tune in….Frank is a self absorbed caricature of every bad wrestler shout down from the past- not great or even good TV….
      **Caricature**: picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.
      • the art or style of such exaggerated representation : there are elements of caricature in the portrayal of the hero.
      • a ludicrous or grotesque version of someone or something : he looked like a caricature of his normal self.

      • He was on the block because he was one man against a large alliance and they were all afraid he could legitimately go to the end. So they conspired to take him out, and lied to his face all the time. Frank doesn’t come out of this looking like a jerk.

        Instead, Dan, Danielle, Ian, and Shane look horrendous and treacherous. How do you trust any of these schemers after their display in the house?

  12. Frank (“Preesh” ugh) Eudy or Vicious/whatever….
    Caricature |ˈkarikə ch ər; -ˌ ch oŏr|
    a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.
    • the art or style of such exaggerated representation : there are elements of caricature in the portrayal of the hero.
    • a ludicrous or grotesque version of someone or something : he looked like a caricature of his normal self.

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