NFL Picks Week 3: September 20 – 24

Every week, MemphiSport Titans reporter Terry Davis makes his picks for the slate of NFL games. Here are his selections for Week 3.

Team and Location                                          Line                Who will win         

New York Giants at Charlotte                  +1.0               New York will win 24-21

Cincinnati at Washington                           -3.5               Washington will win 28-20

Chicago at St. Louis                                        -7.5                 Chicago will win 17-10

San Francisco at Minnesota                   +7.0              San Francisco will win 35-21

Detroit at Tennessee                                     +3.0                 Detroit will win 24-10

Jacksonville at Indianapolis                    -3.0                  Colts will win 31-20

Kansas City at New Orleans                         -9.0                Saints will win 28-14

Tampa Bay at Dallas                                         -7.0                 Dallas will win 24-17       

N Y Jets at Miami                                              +3.0                  Jets will win 28-24

Houston at Denver                                          +1.5                   Houston will win 17-10

Buffalo at Cleveland                                       +3.0                   Browns will win 24-21

Philadelphia at Arizona                               +7.0                   Eagles will win 20-14

Pittsburgh at Oakland                                   +5.0                   Pittsburgh will win 14-10

Atlanta at San Diego                                       -3.0                     San Diego will win 24-20

New England at Baltimore                         -3.0                     New England will win 35-28

Green Bay at Seattle                                      +3.5                     Green Bay will win 28-21

Terry Davis covers Tennessee Titans  football for MemphiSport. Follow him @Terryd515.


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