Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend says she ‘will be bringing the King back home before you know it’

Social media continues to play an important role in the updates regarding the health of Jerry “The King” Lawler following his massive heart attack during “Monday Night RAW.” The King’s girlfriend Lauryn McBride posted this status report on her Facebook page early Wednesday afternoon:

Ok everyone…latest update on Jerry: He is completely stable. He no longer has breathing tube nor any sedation. He is coming around, but very very weak and sore…I have been working with him on breathing treatment exercises every hour to help his lungs. At this point he is getting a lot of rest..he can talk, but doctors have asked him to rest his vocal cords for the time being and relax as much  as possible, so he is resting now. I know everyone wants to speak to him and hear him…just know that he is doing great now and when the time comes for him to call and talk he will..I promise! Also, the rumor statutes that he was brain dead or had brain damage is completely FALSE. His CT scan of his brain came back NORMAL & he is just fine! Thanks again everyone for your love, support, and powerful prayers!! I will be bringing the King back home before you know it! :)


We will have more information as it develops.

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-Photo by Sharon Bicks

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