Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s girlfriend updates his health status following his collapse on RAW

Here is the latest on wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler’s health status from the Facebook page of his girlfriend Lauryn McBride:

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been confirmed that Jerry did have a heart attack…he is in stable condition and breathing on his own & heart is stable. I’m getting on the first flight out of here to be with him & will keep everyone posted. He is a strong man and we will get him back at his best as soon as I can get him home! I love you so so much baby!!

Lawler collapsed Monday evening in Montreal while commentating ringside during WWE’s live RAW broadcast on the USA Network. Earlier in the show, The King competed in a tag team match with Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

We will have more information as it develops.

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-Photo by Sharon Bicks.


  1. Get better, Jerry! WWE wouldn’t be the same without the King! God bless you! Praying for you!

    • I think Lawler days with wwe are over. It is 2 risky for him 2 come back. I just hope he gets better so he can live his life.

      • I don’t think he’ll leave the WWE. He may remain as a commentator, but his days as a wrestler are certainly over.

      • how could you say that about jerry “the king” lawler, rick flair wrestled way into his 70’s and he is still wrestling jerry will always be the true king, get well soon king my thought’s are with you and your family at this time, please make a safe and speedy recovery as the wee isnt going to be the same without you winding micheal cole up, rest well true peoples champ

    • Prayin for u Jerry!!!

  2. I hope he will get better soon…

  3. Praying for you Jerry. Get well soon.

  4. Jerry we are praying for you get well soon, God bless you!

  5. to the king my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family….. get well and god bless my friend

  6. Teresa johnson says:

    Get well Jerry the King Lawler Ive been watching you for years now the WWE wouldnt be the same without prayers and thought coming your way

  7. I grew up in Kentucky and Jerry lawler was and still is the true king of Memphis wrestling. Praying he gets better. God bless in Jesus name amen.

  8. joseph upchurch says:

    i dont know what i do if jerry wasnt on raw he is the bset part about raw jerry u get well can please come back we all will pray for u

  9. Thinking about you “King” and your family and wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. Hurry and get well soon so I don’t have to listen to Michael Cole (just kidding).. RAW needs you, the WWE Universe needs you..

  10. Dawn Richelle says:

    Jerry Get better soon, You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Get better soon Jerry!

  12. Jerry is in my prayers. He is a great announcer and a great wrestler. He was a hero of mine growing up and he is a hero still to this day. WWE will be without as much talent until the day he returns!

  13. Keep that strap up on your shoulder, cuz you’re not going down, King!

  14. Nickdipinto says:

    I think the king should take as much time as he needs off for him to be back in tip top shape when he returns. He’s a fighter and he has been fighting through this

  15. You’re in my prayers and thoughts. My sister and I were watching Monday Night Raw and we were shocked when you collapsed. Have a speedy recovery and take it easy for awhile. Come back to WWE Raw whenever you are ready. You will be missed. But always in my prayers. Hugs and love to you.

  16. RockyShaffer says:

    King< All of us here at Angelus Repair have watched you for years. Have cried alot tonight .. and prayed alot too… GOD BLESS YOU JERRY!!! Please get well soon..P.S. Dont scare us like that

  17. Rest well my friend an GOD BLESS YOU. Thoughts an Prayers are on you Jerry..
    Blessings to Michael Cole to for some job he did after the spell he kept well focused thru that period well done my friend.

    • yeah cole earned my respect. I heard that cole was a jerk in real life but this shows that he has a heart. And he did a heck of a job. And I really respect Vince 4 letting Cole have the rest of the night off out of respect to the king. Cole was doing a good job but you could tell he had his mind elsewhere. Also Respect towards vince because according to something I read Vince left the arena with the king and stayed at the hospital all night and into the day.

  18. Fight king we the wwe fans know you can beat this. kick out hard my thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family get well soon

  19. I was there in person live when it happened and it was a moment of a scare! Everyone in the stadium had their thoughts and prayers with Jerry in the stadium. Get well Jerry!

  20. i am prating for jerry the king lawler i hope you get better

  21. Kasey Simon says:

    I am praying for you Jerry get well soon so you can come back!!! We will miss you.

  22. Larry William Pearce says:

    Wishing A Speedy Recovery To One Of the Best Legends and Hall of Famers In the Business. Hope All is Well. We All Miss You.

  23. Been praying and hope you get back to all of us entertainers soon Jer!


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