Did WWE cross the line when Paul Heyman faked a heart attack as part of Jerry Lawler’s return?

Jerry Lawler’s friend and former Memphis wrestling business partner Jerry Jarrett watched The King’s return to RAW on Monday night and was not happy. Lawler’s return was interrupted by WWE Champion CM Punk and his manager Paul Heyman who went on to fake a heart attack.

Jarrett went on his Facebook page to express his outrage:

I watched WWE last night. Jerry Lawler was returning after surviving a life threatening heart attack. I sat watching the television with a feeling of pride that they were honoring the return of such a great wrestler. I sat thinking, “now this is real class”. Just when I was appreciating the class WWE was showing, it ended suddendly with a juvenile cheap heat angle. I turned the television off and starting thinking about Linda McMahon’s hard work and great expense running for the Senate. It is exactly this kind of programming that prevented her from becoming a Senator. Wrestling should have some limits and boundaries. If you offend great portions of the audience, it is a bad angle.

Do you think WWE went too far? Watch Lawler’s return and judge for yourself:

UPDATE: Paul Heyman responds on Twitter…

UPDATE # 2: Kevin Cerrito & Marcus Hunter debate this topic with Dustin Starr on the 11.17.12 MSL podcast

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  1. The King would have had to have approved this before they ran with this angle. The thing is though is Lawler able to wrestle at this point because at some point he is going to have to seek revenge for this for the storyline to make sense.

  2. I think jerry the king lawler will wrestle and go afffer cm punk wwe tite and end his wwe 365 days. As wwe champion I saw jerry lawler on inside edition he was talk about hs
    Hart attack September 10 2012 I was scary when jerry lawler had his hart attack on tv
    I’m big fan of wwe I watch Monday night raw every Monday night

  3. it is wwe’s fault that jerry lawler had the heart attack they put him in a match he worked too hard and his heart gave out.

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