Hoopciticus: Win a Hoop City Memphis Shirt Plus Tiger B-Ball Tix

It is that time of the year again. It is our favorite time of the year. The holidays are upon us. And we at MemphiSport love to show our holiday spirit. This year we have special holiday themed giveaways planned for all twelve days of the most exciting days of the year. Twelve days of giveaways.

The Twelve Holidays of MemphiSport.

Today’s holiday is a longlasting one. It arrives every December and sticks with all Memphians through March. It is Hoopciticus, the season of hoops.

TODAY’S GIVEAWAY: Today, nine lucky winners will win a shirt courtesy of hoopcitymemphis.com… But that’s not all… One pair of Tiger basketball tickets is up for grabs today too. To win, tell us how you celebrate the season of Hoopciticus. Leave your answer in the comments below. Winners will be picked at random.

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Day One: YouGiving Day: Win a $25 Gould’s Gift Card and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Two: Boggoween: Win a Huey’s Gift Pack and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Three: Smoothikkah: Win a Smoothie King Gift Bag and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Four: Meadowlark Day: Win Globetrotters Tix and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Five: Day of the Bird: Win Redbirds Tix, A Redbirds Hat, and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Six: You Don’t Know Jack Day: Win Jack’s Book and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Seven: Autographikkah: Win an Signed Issue of MemphiSport and Tiger B-Ball Tix
Day Eight: The Memphis Solstice: Win Shelby Farms Gear and Tiger B-Ball Tix



  1. Shawn Walker says:

    Commuting back and forth from Jonesboro, AR to Hoop City, USA watching some of the best basketball in the country, from High school to College, to my Grizzlies.

  2. Charles Hurley says:

    Grizzlies, Tigers games. Sure do miss Larry, and Coach Bartow. Merry Christmas Hoop City!!

  3. Brandy Sims says:

    I celebrate by watching as much basketball as I possibly can (when I don’t have to work or sleep)! Go Tigers and Grizzlies! I would love to win the Tigers tickets, my roommate has never been to a game and I would love to show her how Tigers fans do it! :)

  4. Taking my bro and sis-in-law to a Grizz game when they are in town!

  5. Gotta celebrate with the Tigers and Grizzlies!

  6. Devin Gardner says:

    Going to all Tigers games and when not at the games, watching Grizz on FSN or listening to Big Time Hassletine on 92.9. No basketball experience quite like Hoop City!! Go Tigers Go Grizz

  7. Sonali Gera says:

    I will be celebrating the holidays by being in section 114 at every home game. And if not at home, then I will be at Buffalo Wild Wings at Hacks Cross cheering them on!!! Oh and hv few patients too but will be talking about Grizz then too!! Not a joke! That is the only topic of conversation I have with all my patients while they get their teeth cleaned!!

  8. Gabe Phillips says:

    I celebrate by going to a bunch of Grizz games! I’d love to go to a Tiger’s Game someday too! (HINT, HINT) :)

  9. Bill Phillips says:

    By watching as much basketball as possible. Im going to 4 grizzlies games this month!

  10. mel balducci says:

    Go Grizz—celebrate by going to the games~!

  11. Carol Matthews says:

    I celebrate by going to as many basketball games as possible! I always invite friends from other cities to come celebrate during the holidays and introduce them to what Memphis basketball is about! They have all converted to Memphis fans! I give the spirit of Memphis basketball to friends who have lived without it all their life!

  12. Tricia Adrian says:

    I celebrate by going to as many games as I can. Love the Hoop City shirts!

  13. Going to a Grizz or Tigers game!

  14. watching some b-ball with the hubby!

  15. I usually wake up an extra 2 hours early and dribble a basketball left handed… ya know, to work on my game.

  16. Eva Phillips says:

    I celebrate by watching it on TV if I can’t won tickets!


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