Recap Of Every 2013 Grizzlies Playoff Win, As Told By Justin Timberlake

Pic by Art by Exelbierd

Photo courtesy of Art by Exelbierd

The Memphis Grizzlies’ most famous minority owner Justin Timberlake did not attend any games during the franchise’s historic playoff run.

(JT did make an appearance at a game against the Lakers earlier in the season.)

(Lil Wayne was the biggest celeb to show up at a Grizz playoff game.)

Even though he wasn’t in Memphis, Timberlake still kept up with his Grizzlies’ postseason success.

JT tweeted after every win and made no comment after losses.

Here’s a look back at the Grizzlies 2013 franchise-best playoff run, as told by Justin Timberlake’s postgame victory tweets…

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