VIDEO: Jalen Rose thinks Tony Allen deserves a Pulitzer Prize

What’s the difference between an Academy Award and a Pulitzer Prize? Don’t ask ESPN analyst Jalen Rose.

Rose thinks Tony Allen deserves a Pulitzer for his acting performance following a legit flagrant foul in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

Watch Jalen Rose’s “Pulitzer Prize worthy” analysis at the 2:23 mark:

Is it too early to start campaigning for Rose to be next year’s Oscars host?

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  1. If anyone is that ignorant of why the prize is given they have no place making such comments. Also if you were to watch a replay and pay close attention you WILL see the back of TA head bounce on the floor right at the end. He did not LAY in on the floor as the idiots claim. It BOUNCED.

  2. Memfan01 says:

    The Flagrant wasn’t called because of the “head injury” nor the bit of acting tony threw in, a flagrant is excessive contact. Grabbing the arm is a good foul, pulling him to the ground is excessive, flagrant.

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