Adonis Thomas is ‘hurt’ by lack of attention from Memphis media and fans

Is Memphis native Adonis Thomas jealous of his former Tiger basketball teammate D.J. Stephens?

Thomas tweeted (then deleted) this comment earlier today:

all day thomasEverything Thomas listed he wasn’t getting, his high-flying former teammate is.

Stephens has been generating attention with his record breaking vertical leap, his new t-shirt available at Tiger Bookstore and radio interviews (one interview just minutes before the Adonis tweet).

But, D.J. doesn’t think any of this matters:

DJ Stephens tweet

(The above tweet was retweeted by Adonis after he deleted his original tweet.)

Both former Tigers are entered in the 2013 NBA Draft.

What do you think? Should the Memphis media and fans be giving more attention to the hometown player Adonis Thomas?

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  1. Shanegutta says:

    Adonis ain’t do jack out there played scared half the time..!! That’s not Memphis now he pouting.. Don’t matter what kinda support u get
    The scouts are what matter and what they say.. I hope he makes it

  2. criggs125 says:

    I love Adonis to death, but there was a lot of things about his tenure at Memphis that didn’t exactly endear him to fans. For example, he chose to sit out the entire rest of the season 2 years ago after being cleared by docs mid-season. He also CHOSE to leave Memphis in his rear view and enter a draft where he is pegged as Mr. Irrelevant (aka..the last pick in the draft). It’s not that we don’t like him….I love the kid. I just didn’t see the effort, hustle and flat out willingness to give his body for the game as I did with DJ. But that can be said about most of the guys in the draft. Just do your thing, Adonis. The rest will take care of itself. If you wanted Memphis on your side, you should have stayed another year and given us a good reason.

  3. Cary Williams says:

    We love you man. You cane to the Tigers when you could gone some place else. I the city love you like I do. Stay positive, don’t look back. college is over now. it is what it is. Go out there there and make you a lot of money! Don’t worry about how the city or anyone else think about you. With God on your side you will never have to worry about a thing!

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