Exclusive: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s museum is moving to Tunica

Photo courtesy of KingJerryLawler.com

Photo courtesy of KingJerryLawler.com

The Jerry Lawler Museum is moving to Tunica, MS.

During an interview on MSL  (Sports 56 / 87.7 FM), Lawler revealed his museum’s plans to relocate from the recently closed Wynne Automotive car dealership to Harrah’s Casino Tunica.

According to The King, his museum will be located upstairs at the casino near the Paula Deen Buffet.

UPDATE: The Jerry Lawler Museum and Art Gallery is switching casinos

For more about the relocation of the Jerry Lawler Museum, listen to The King’s MSL interview right here.

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  1. the scoring czar says:

    Question: Why is a sports magazine keep putting entertainment stories in your publication and online? Should info like that be on the entertainment page instead of actual sports pages (for real sports)?

    and who cares if he museum is in Memphis or Tunica or anyplace else for that matter.

    Entertainment is one thing, sports is another and no doubt the museum is a nice place to visit and see items of interest. It will be nice for Tunica

  2. bobmcdoogle says:

    Are you stupid wrestling is a sport in Memphis.

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