Memphis Grizzlies Instagram account is now a tribute to Yogi Berra

How can you tell when the Instagram account you follow is not he official account of your favorite NBA team?  One obvious clue is if the page stops posting hoops photos and starts posting famous Yogi Berra quotes.

A Memphis Grizzlies account @thememphisgrizzlies (claiming to be official) gained over 8,000 followers during the franchise’s best-ever postseason. Now that page is @YOGIBERRAQUOTES:

Yogi Berra instagram Grizz


Grizzlies fans took to the account’s comment section to express their outrage and even some conspiracy theories:


Full Comment Grizz Yogi

But if that @thememphisgrizzlies was a fake, why is it linked off the Memphis Grizzlies’ official Facebook page? Maybe Robert Pera is a big Yankees fan? Or maybe the account is real ,and the Grizzlies were hacked by some Yankee fans?

The Grizzlies’ “official” Instagram account can be found @memgrizz…or so we think.

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