Red Bull brings King of the Rock to Memphis

kotr imageMemphis continues to live up to the “Hoop City” mantra, dominating in high school, college, and professional basketball.

No wonder Red Bull chose Memphis as one of the qualifier cities for their King of the Rock competition, with the winner getting a chance to play at Alcatraz in September.

This is the fourth year of the event that tests the most talented street baller’s one-on-one abilities.  The rules are simple, opposing players will face off in a five minute battle, with regulation rules and scoring.  Winner advances to the next round, while the loser goes home.

It will be held at Halle Park (aka “The Precinct”) on Saturday, June 29.  Registration starts at 11, and you better get there early if you plan on participating.  Only the first 64 people to register will be entered in the tournament.

This is another way Memphis can show the nation why it’s called “Hoop City”.

WHAT: Red Bull King of the Rock.
WHEN: Saturday, June 29 at 1 pm.
WHERE: 2634 Mt. Moriah (aka “The Precinct”)
COST: Free.
MORE INFO: Click here.

CJ Hurt is a regular contributor for MemphiSport.  Follow him @churtj09.


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