2013 M Awards: Best Musical Performance

No jokes today… If you haven’t seen this girl sing, just Google her… I feel bad for even having other nominations in this category. We should have given her this award immediately after her performance. As a matter of fact. She won this one last year too. congrats Ellen, you are our youngest repeat winner ever, beating out a 12-year-old rookie head coach by the name of Josh Pastner back in 2010.

Ellen, St. Jude Patient, Singing the National Anthem at a Grizzlies GameFirst Place: 34.43%
Al Kapone, Grizzlies-Thunder Game 3Second Place: 24.59%
Rick trotter, National Anthem at a Grizzlies GameThird Place: 16.94%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Ellen singing, of course… just Google her or search YouTube. So what do you think, Memphis? Do you get it right? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. JJ Guinozzo III says:

    if Kapone is the one with the musical instrument, he should be barred from ever doing the National anthem again.
    The National Anthem is a symbol of freedom for America and should be performed with dignity and respect for those that paid the supreme sacrifice by dying for his/her country.
    The National Anthem is not to be re-arranged or performed by anyone. The anthem is to honor the country not to show off for the performer! Long Live America and God Bless everyone.

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