2013 M Awards: Best Place to Eat Before/After the Game

GirlBBQ_iStock_000008606768SmallMy favorite national park is Central Park. My favorite African country is the Central African Republic. My favorite basic cable comedy channel is Comedy Central. My favorite place to eat before or after a game is Central BBQ. I wonder why it took so long for you guys to come to that same conclusion. Huey’s has run away with this category for the past six years. In fact, last year Central BBQ wasn’t even in the top three finishers. Now go eat.

Central BBQFirst Place: 33.15%
Huey’sSecond Place: 24.86%
Kooky CanuckThird Place: 14.92%

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2013 M Award Winners:

Favorite Concessions
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Favorite Sporting Venue

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Best Offbeat Moment
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Best Place to Stock Up for the Big Game
Best Local Sports Bar/Restaurant
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  1. John Joseph Guinozzo III says:

    Now that Neely’s BBQ is closed…..Central BBQ is the clear choice as the WORST BBQ on the face of this earth. And besides, they do not pay up when a customer (me for one) is not given a refund. Yes, I was there before a hoops game this past winter and ordered a BBQ sandwich, drink and beans. One look at the BBQ the waiter delivered and I was sick. The BBQ looked terrible and a nibble bit confirmed it was TERRIBLE.

    Obviously the people that stuffed the ballot box (like so many of your bogus awards) have never eaten BBQ.

  2. Mike Bullard says:

    Thanks JJ, for at least using your real name with this latest empty and shallow comment. Keep it going. Obviously, your inanity knows no bounds.

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