2013 M Awards: Favorite Local Radio Personailty

rollercoaster1Here is something that is not news – ROLLER COASTERS ARE SCARY. It is something we all know. But if you ride enough of them, they become less scary. Sometimes it just takes a woman falling out of one to her death to make it scary again. Here is something else we all know… CHRIS VERNON WINS AGAIN. Sorry Gary, you had a good run last year, but apparently it is over.

Chris Vernon, Chris Vernon ShowFirst Place: 41.42%
Gary Parrish, Gary Parrish ShowSecond Place: 21.89%
Kevin Cerrito, MSLThird Place: 10.65%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Dead and Gone by T.I. So what do you think, Memphis? Did you get it right? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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2013 M Award Winners:

Favorite Concessions
Favorite Place to Tailgate
Favorite Sporting Venue

Favorite Race
Most Memorable Moment
Favorite Annual Event
Moment We Would Most Like To Forget

Best Offbeat Moment
Best Musical Performance 

Best Place to Stock Up for the Big Game
Best Local Sports Bar/Restaurant
Favorite National Sports Bar/Restaurant
Best Place to Eat Before/After the Game

Best Place to Take the Team After a Victory
Best Place to Play Cards
Best Golf Course
Favorite Golf Store
Favorite Sporting Goods Store
Favorite Sports Apparel Store
Favorite Workout Facility

Favorite Healthy Store
Favorite Place to Spend a Nice Afternoon
Favorite Bike Shop


  1. John Joseph Guinozzo III says:

    first of all you got the name of the award wrong…..no such thing as a radio/tv/media personality….that is all in the ego eyes of those that pretend to work but all they do is read sports releases and spout hot air.
    And what qualifications does one have to do what they do? speak well? what?

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