2013 M Awards: Favorite Spirit Squad

cheerleader-yelling-into-megaphoneBack in my day – cheerleaders would actually lead cheers. All the hottest, most popular girls would be on the team and when the boys stopped playing games, they would hoop and holler and the crowd would yip and yap. It was a whole lot of ballyhoo, if you take my meaning. Nowadays they jiggle their parts and gyrate in sexy ways. It is disgusting. All those lustful body parts moving around and creating an uproar. I just can’t handle it. The kids these days are crazy.

Grizzlies Grannies and GrandpasFirst Place: 32.95%
Memphis Tigers Dance TeamSecond Place: 26.01%
Grizz GirlsThird Place: 23.12%

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2013 M Award Winners:

Favorite Concessions
Favorite Place to Tailgate
Favorite Sporting Venue

Favorite Race
Most Memorable Moment
Favorite Annual Event
Moment We Would Most Like To Forget

Best Offbeat Moment
Best Musical Performance 

Best Place to Stock Up for the Big Game
Best Local Sports Bar/Restaurant
Favorite National Sports Bar/Restaurant
Best Place to Eat Before/After the Game

Best Place to Take the Team After a Victory
Best Place to Play Cards
Best Golf Course
Favorite Golf Store
Favorite Sporting Goods Store
Favorite Sports Apparel Store
Favorite Workout Facility

Favorite Healthy Store
Favorite Place to Spend a Nice Afternoon
Favorite Bike Shop
Favorite Local Sports Radio Personality
Favorite Local Sports Radio Program
Favorite Sports Talk Radio Segment
Favorite Local TV Sports Personality
Favorite Local Sports Website
Favorite Parody Sports Twitter
Favorite Local Sports Twitter
Favorite Mascot
Favorite Spirit Squad


  1. What a freaking joke! This proves that certain people are stuffing this corrupt ballot box for Grizzlies related events, etc.
    The old people dance team is a public embarrassment to the city of Memphis (which already has enough embarrassments with government, crime, schools, etc., etc.). Maybe one time a year but that’s it. They are funny old people that have no business jumping around on a professional basketball court in the name of entertainment.

    Your magazine is Major League — a Major League joke

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