2013 M Awards: Favorite Sporting Venue

128-2856_imgWhen I am contemplating my favorite sporting venue, there is no doubt about which criteria I use to differentiate. Punctuality, speed and efficiency. That’s right, don’t you want your venue to be on-time, fast and efficient? Well you get all those and more at FedExForum. Do you need to be there overnight? Well – that’s not an option. You can’t spend the night there. But you can spend the night right outside on Beale Street. Note: if FedExForum ever gets over 80% in this category, we will likely have to rename this category in honor of them.

FedExForumFirst Place: 73.58%
AutoZone ParkSecond Place: 12.95%
LP FieldThird Place: 5.18%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Fedex by Jovan Dais. So what do you think, Memphis? Do you get it right? If UPS were the sponsor of Redbirds Stadium, would they have won instead. Would have even been close? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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2013 M Award Winners:
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  1. John the baptist -- not the king of memphis because Memphis has no king says:

    The way your contest is gong is ….. well….. I refrain from saying anything else.
    But again consider the voters for this contest (they like Robert Hodges, wrestling which is fake plus other etc., etrc.

  2. limit options and you’re sure to get results you want. How llowing people to choose without having predetermined choices.

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