2013 M Awards: Favorite Sports Talk Radio Segment

800px-Watertower_Horn_Lake_MS_02Question: What do these phrases have in common: Veritas/Doorway to Mississippi. If you know, then you are likely in the 36.67 percent who voted for Harvard/Horn Lake trivia.

Harvard/Horn Lake Trivia, Gary Parrish Show First Place: 36.67%
Movies with Chris Herrington, Chris Vernon Show Second Place: 24.00%
Hang Up & Listen, MSL Third Place: 21.33%

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2013 M Award Winners:

Favorite Concessions
Favorite Place to Tailgate
Favorite Sporting Venue

Favorite Race
Most Memorable Moment
Favorite Annual Event
Moment We Would Most Like To Forget

Best Offbeat Moment
Best Musical Performance 

Best Place to Stock Up for the Big Game
Best Local Sports Bar/Restaurant
Favorite National Sports Bar/Restaurant
Best Place to Eat Before/After the Game

Best Place to Take the Team After a Victory
Best Place to Play Cards
Best Golf Course
Favorite Golf Store
Favorite Sporting Goods Store
Favorite Sports Apparel Store
Favorite Workout Facility

Favorite Healthy Store
Favorite Place to Spend a Nice Afternoon
Favorite Bike Shop
Favorite Local Sports Radio Personality
Favorite Local Sports Radio Program


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