2013 M Awards: Most Memorable Moment

8141536455_fb3e802a3d_zI want to be clear about what has happened here. This is a Tigers town. The Tigers win all popularity contests. But look at these results. It is a win-place-show for the Grizzlies. Across the board is a Grizzlies feel good moment. And it is not just that the Grizzlies won this category. They won it big. Nearly 90% of votes in this category went to a Grizzlies moment, with the Tigers claiming the other 10%. Wow – I must be living in a dream.

Grizzlies Advance to Western Conference FinalsFirst Place: 54.45%
Z-Bo tells Kendrick Perkins “I’ll beat yo @*$”Second Place: 20.94%
Grizzlies Top the NBA Standings for the First Time in Franchise HistoryThird Place: 9.42%

Best song to listen to while contemplating this category… Dream Weaver by Gary Wright. So what do you think, Memphis? Do you get it right? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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2013 M Award Winners:

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