New Additions & Dump City – Week 3

James Starks may be good for only one week, but go ahead and pick him up in case Eddie Lacy is out for a while.

James Starks may be good for only one week, but go ahead and pick him up in case Eddie Lacy is out for a while.

It seems that once you think you have everything figured out, everything just blows up.  That’s what happened to a lot of fantasy owners in Week 2 of the NFL.  Whether you had players that went down early with injuries (See: Maurice Jones-Drew & Larry Fitzgerald) or you had guys that you thought would produce and just did not get what you were looking for (See: AJ Green & David Wilson.)  I was big on David Wilson because I thought he would bounce back with his job on the line, but apparently he still doesn’t have Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s trust.  I do eventually think that Wilson will be the guy for the Giants this season, but his two fumbles in Week 1 have kept Coughlin reluctant in giving him a featured back’s duties.

Each week I will give you 5 players to pick up off the waiver wire for the upcoming week’s games as well as 3 guys that it’s probably best to go ahead and drop to open up a roster space for a guy off the waiver wire. The guys that are on the additions are owned in less than 50% of fantasy leagues from various sites; the guys that should be dumped are owned by more than 50% of those leagues.

Later in the week I will check in on the state of three backfields that are splitting carries evenly between two or more running backs so you will know what guy is the ideal one to own.  I will also check in on the previous week’s rankings to determine who I hit on and who I missed on, as well as guys who have favorable match-ups.


New Additions

1.  Eddie Royal – San Diego Chargers

      Eddie has an already impressive five touchdowns on the season for the surprisingly high scoring San Diego Chargers offense.  Another thing that plays to his advantage is the injury to teammate Malcolm Floyd.  The problem with Royal is he is a six year veteran and his best season was his rookie year.  Eddie broke onto the scene in the NFL debuting on Monday Night Football as a member of the Denver Broncos and torched DeAngelo Hall of the Raiders.  A lot of folks thought a star was in the making, and he did catch 91 balls in his rookie season.  Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t caught 60 balls in a season since then.  So if you are lucky enough to pick up Royal during his hot streak, make sure you aren’t too surprised when he isn’t getting all the balls thrown his way midway through the season.

2.  James Starks – Green Bay Packers

       This suggested pickup is probably just for a week or two depending on how severe the concussion is for Eddie Lacy.  Couple that with the Week 4 bye for the Packers, I wouldn’t drop a guy that may help you out more down the line to pick up Starks.  Starks is most know for his play during the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl winning season, as he came out of nowhere in the Playoffs to finally give them a running game.  He hasn’t done much since then, but he has his opportunity in Week 3 as it looks like Lacy will be out.  After the Packers bye week, don’t expect more than split carries between him and Lacy.

3.  Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

Vintage Philip Rivers has shown up and as long as he stays consistent, he is a guy to own.

Vintage Philip Rivers has shown up and as long as he stays consistent, he is a guy to own

        Another San Diego Charger finds himself on the list as they managed to outscore the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly’s offense this past Sunday.  Rivers is the type of QB that will always get you yards, but consistency is the problem with him.  He has seven straight 3,000 yard passing seasons, but his TD/INT ratio has been down the past two years.  Through two games he has seven TDs to only one pick.  If he is able to keep up this pace Rivers could end up being a Top 12 QB by the end of the year.  If you are able to pick him up now, I would call that quite a steal.

4.  Julian Edelman – New England Patriots

          If you have watched football anytime in the past 10 years, you know that Tom Brady is a great Quarterback.  What we saw this past Thursday night was what happens when a guy like Tom Brady has nobody that can catch the ball.  It is true that the weather conditions weren’t the best, and also he was working with mainly rookie receivers.  The one guy that was consistent for him though was Julian Edelman.  Edelman has already been targeted a whopping 27 times and he has caught 20 of those.  Until Amendola & Gronkowski both return, Edelman is a must own because Brady will be looking his way early and often.

5.  DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans

        I know that Tennessee Titan fans know the name of the last guy on this list as pickups.  Hopkins came up big for the Texans when they lost their All-Pro receiver Andre Johnson, especially in overtime.  Hopkins finished the game with 117 yards and a touchdown for the Texans in their come from behind win over the Titans.  Expect big things from the rookie out of Clemson this year, even when Johnson returns.  Pick him up now!

Dump City

1.  Chris Ivory – New York Jets

        I don’t know if Ivory will ever get things going in New York.  He is injury prone, plus it seems as if Rex Ryan is pretty content going with a backfield by committee.  Bilal Powell is the man that is getting the highest percentage of carries in the Jets’ backfield, followed by Ivory, but Powell in the man that found the end zone this past week.  If you are able to hold onto Ivory for the next few weeks in hopes of him having a bust out game, feel free.  But, if your team is battling injuries or lacks depth in other positions, don’t be hesitant to cut bait.

2.  Isaac Redman – Pittsburgh Steelers

        Here is a running back who started the season as the starter due to injury, but ended up getting replaced already by a guy that was traded for at the end of preseason.  If Monday night is any indication, then Felix Jones will be the back the Steelers will lean on until injured rookie Le’Veon Bell returns to the field.  Redman only has 12 yards on 10 carries through the first two games, so that is a reason enough to let him go.

Britt's days as a member of the Titans may be numbered, as they should be on your fantasy team.

Britt’s days as a member of the Titans may be numbered, as they should be on your fantasy team.

3.  Kenny Britt – Tennessee Titans

        As much as I hate to put this here, it may be for the best.  Britt feels that this may be his last season with the Titans, he tweeted as much on Tuesday.  The Titans are not going to be a pass heavy team and they have other weapons in Kendall Wright, Nate Washington, and Delanie Walker to where I don’t see Kenny Britt being the go to option for Jake Locker.  Britt has been targeted 11 times through two games and Locker is still having trouble with his accuracy.

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