Throwback Thursday Halloween Edition: Leatherface haunts Memphis


Many of you know him as a legendary horror movie slasher that wears a mask made of human skin & wields a chainsaw as his deadly weapon of choice.  Longtime Memphis Wrestling fans, however, also know him as Eric Embry’s henchman who was ordered to destroy Jerry “The King” Lawler.

When we say The King has beaten everyone… we really mean it.

This week we celebrate Halloween in the Mid-South by looking back at one of the most frightening opponents The King has ever endured.  In typical madman fashion, Leatherface storms into WMC-TV5 Studio alongside Eric Embry with his chainsaw roaring.

Dave Brown & Michael St. John are at the broadcast desk up-in-arms as Eric Embry has a few choice words for Lawler.

If you thought Leatherface was a monster outside of the square circle, just wait until you see his match with Jerry Lawler.  This short clip is from one of their battles at the Mid-South Coliseum.

Fun Facts:  Leatherface isn’t the only monster Jerry Lawler has wrestled.  The King has also been in the ring with Freddy, Jason, Mummy & more.  The role of Leatherface was often played by Memphis Wrestling mainstay Ken Raper.

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