Who should perform at this year’s Memphis Madness?

memphis-madnessThe much anticipated University of Memphis basketball season is right around the corner, but before it can get underway the Tigers will treat fans to one of the greatest spectacles in college sports, Memphis Madness.

There will be several top notch recruits in attendance at the festivities.  Cliff Alexander and JaQuan Lyle are two five-star recruits who will be making their visits during Memphis Madness, and Coach Pastner hopes that the celebration will be enough to encourage these two recruits to sign with the Tigers.

Memphis Madness is one of the most entertaining of all college basketball preseason events.  Some of the events include an autograph session, a dunk contest, and a ten minute scrimmage that is sure to keep fans on their feet.

The event has featured Yo Gotti in year’s past (and almost Rick Ross).

Even though the official Memphis Madness schedule does not list a musical act, rumors are flying.

With that being said, here is a list of artist who should perform at Memphis Madness this year…

Juicy J: How many college basketball programs can say that they managed to get an Academy Award winner to perform for their fans?  Juicy J is a Memphis native who will certainly create an exciting atmosphere in FedExForum. 

Justin Timberlake:  Mr. Suit And Tie himself is another good choice for Memphis Madness.  He can give fans a sample of what they will be seeing when he comes to Memphis on his 20/20 Experience World Tour in Novemeber.

Wale: Clearly he is a Grizzlies fan who enjoys going to games for free.   Since Rudy Gay and Josh Selby are no longer with the team, maybe Coach Pastner can pay him in Grizzlies tickets to get him to perform.

Rick Ross: Would he make the flight?

Yo Gotti:  He has performed here before and obviously enjoys the event.  Yo Gotti is another Memphis native that understands the importance of Memphis Madness and will generate a nice buzz also.

CJ Hurt is a columnist for MemphiSport. Follow him @churtj09.



  1. JJ Guinozzo III says:

    entertainers are old hat…..
    Let’s match Janis from the city council against Wendy from the Commercial Appeal in a no-rules free-for-all 1-on-1 and the loser leaves town….no make that both leave town!

  2. criggs125 says:

    JT….hands down. He’s the New King of Pop and he’s from Memphis. It’s a no brainer, especially considering he’s got a full concert in Memphis next month.

  3. Drake since he’s already here in Memphis.

    • I don’t think drake will be there, his new tour kicks off around the same time as Memphis madness, same night.

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