Throwback Thursday: Eddie Gilbert runs over Jerry Lawler

eddie_gilbertThe headline says it all.  “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert ran over Jerry “The King” Lawler in the parking lot of WMC-TV5 Studios in Memphis, TN.  Gilbert had an altercation with match-maker Eddie Marlin moments before Gilbert entered his brother’s car and ran Lawler down.

Let’s rewind to September 1, 1990 USWA Wrestling – live.  Many call this one of the most infamous scenes in the history of Memphis Wrestling.

People watching at home were so concerned, they called Memphis Police Department.  Police arrived at the scene under the impression a crime had taken place.  Lawler was forced to appear on TV sooner than intended to assure viewers he was okay.

Eddie Gilbert has a rich history against The King.  Gilbert defeated Lawler five years earlier to capture the Southern Heavyweight Championship.  He had stolen Lawler’s crowns and even claimed to be the new King of Memphis.

Something like this could easily be done in WWE with stuntmen and video production.  Memphis Wrestling did it live.

Fun Facts:  MPD is located across the street from WMC-TV5 Studio.  Police arrived at the scene to arrest Eddie Gilbert.  Eddie hid under a desk inside.  Lawler received minor injuries.


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  1. John Joseph Guinozzo III says:

    Try reporting on sports and not entertainment (fake wrestling).
    This past week, at the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame (the 44th annual), Larry Finch was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award. Vicki Finch accepted the award and also….the new title for that award will now be the Larry Finch Lifetime Achievement Award. Several others were also inducted at a very nice banquet at the Hilton Hotel.

  2. But no one got run over by a car, did they?

    • Dustin Starr says:

      Yes! Lawler flips over the hood, hits the windshield & hits the street! You’ll notice the Gilbert’s hit the brakes after the hit. They thought they had killed Lawler!

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