Throwback Thursday: Season’s beatings with The Christmas Creature

Creature 2This week’s Throwback Thursday is perfect for the holiday season.  We have a mere six days until Christmas, so why not rewind back to December 1992 and the debut of a monster known as The Christmas Creature.

Bert Prentice was responsible for bringing The Christmas Creature to Memphis for one reason and one reason only – to destroy Jerry “The King” Lawler.  As you’ll see in the clip, Bert was a mean, nasty wrestling manager.  He not only couldn’t stand The King, but obviously he wasn’t a fan of Santa Claus either.

Take a look back, as Dave Brown introduces us to Santa Claus himself.  Unfortunately, Bert Prentice arrives in the studio with a different set of plans.

A young, up-start professional wrestler named Glen Jacobs was called upon to don the attire of The Christmas Creature.  Jacobs has gone on to become several memorable wrestling characters since then.  A few of his most popular gimmicks have been that of Doomsday, Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS and Fake Diesel.  Glen Jacobs even starred in his own horror movie entitled See No Evil.  Much of the wrestling world would know him as former WWE Champion & the brother of The UndertakerKANE.

Let it be known, before Stone Cold Steve Austin was giving Santa Claus the Stone Cold Stunner on RAW, Bert Prentice & The Christmas Creature was bullying Santa in Memphis.  In their own words, “Miserable Christmas to all and to all a good fright!”

From myself and the staff at – Happy Holidays, everyone!

Fun Facts: Legend has it that Jerry Lawler’s son, Kevin, came up with the concept of The Christmas Creature.  The character was too new to include his photograph on promotional programs & flyers, so he was hand-drawn onto the cover of the material.  The Lawlers are notorious for their artwork.

Glen Jacobs as Kane has gone on to be one of the most successful masked characters in the history of the WWE.  When Kane originally debuted at WWE’s Bad Blood pay-per-view in 1997, it was thought that he would only be around long enough to lose to The Undertaker.  Boy, were they wrong.  Kane has since built a legacy by becoming one of only twelve wrestlers in the history of the WWE to become a Grand Slam Champion.

Wrestling Trivia:  Can you name the Championship titles included in the Grand Slam?


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