Throwback Thursday: Rock ‘n Roll Express battle PG-13

Rock n Roll Express MSL

When you think of Memphis, three things should come to mind:  barbecue, professional wrestling & the birthplace of the King of Rock ‘n Roll.  In 1983, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson were paired together by head booker of the Memphis territory Jerry Lawler.  After coming up with a new gimmick & tying on a few bandannas, the legendary Rock ‘n Roll Express was born.

Two out of three isn’t bad, is it?

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to July 15, 1995 and features two of the most popular tag teams to ever wrestle in Memphis.  The Rock ‘n Roll Express had already been established throughout the country and had arrived back in Memphis.  They were met by a young tag team who had history of their own.  Wolfie D & JC Ice (Jamie Dundee) were known as PG-13.  They had become the hottest, up-start tag team we had seen in a long, long time.  JC Ice, of course, is the son of legendary “Superstar” Bill Dundee.

Now, it’s very rare that you ever see Ricky Morton or Robert Gibson booed.  They were always fan favorites.  But there was something about PG-13 that caught the fan’s attention.  Not only were JC Ice & Wolfie D beloved by the fans, but they could wrestle with the best of them, as well.

Take a look at this week’s clip, as we kick it off with a beat down that would set the stage for the interviews that followed.

The combination of rock ‘n roll and wrestling was not only a brilliant idea, but it was one that was able to travel the world successfully. They won World Tag Team Championships all over the globe and are world-renowned as one of the greatest tag teams of all time – and it all started in Memphis, TN.

As the late great Jackie Fargo used to say, “Often imitated but never duplicated.”  Words couldn’t be truer for future WWE Hall of Fame tag team – Rock ‘n Roll Express.

Fun Facts:   Legend has it that Rock ‘n Roll Express were the first professional wrestlers to gross one million dollars in a single year.  They were just as much rock stars as they were wrestlers.  Another interesting fact, I have wrestled against Rock ‘n Roll Express, as well as each member of PG-13.


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