Throwback Thursday: The legendary Mae Young battles Miss Kitty on Memphis Power Pro Wrestling

Mae-Young-WWE Hall of Famer and influential pioneer for women’s wrestling, Mae Young, is gravely ill and has been taken off life support.  Mae Young is the only wrestler to compete in nine different decades, having her first match in 1939 and her last in 2010.  Young was hospitalized and placed on life support in South Carolina last month.

As our thoughts and prayers are with Mae Young and her family at this trying time, we would like to turn back the clock and take a look at her stint with Memphis Power Pro Wrestling.  Oh, you didn’t know Mae Young had wrestling ties to Memphis?  Like I always say, everyone has come thru Memphis at one time or another.

Let me set the table for you…

It was February 27, 1999 on WMC-TV5 Memphis.  Dave Brown was in the middle of conducting an interview with Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Carter (known in WWE as Miss Kitty) when Stasiak informed the audience that he had flown his mother in to finally meet Stacy.

It all went downhill from there.

Not only did Mae Young tell Stacy Carter exactly what she thinks about her, but at age 75 she showed Stacy how tough she was, as well.  No one was safe at ringside.  Even the late Corey Maclin was beaten over the head with Mae’s purse!  (Skip to 9:00 mark)

At 75 years of age, Mae Young made her return to professional wrestling and debuted in the WWE as a comedic duo with her friend & fellow WWE Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah.  As a tandem during the WWE Attitude Era, they became more popular than ever.  Mae has been powerbombed thru a table by the Dudley Boyz, she has given birth to a human hand & Vince McMahon himself proclaimed her to be “Forever The Divas Champion.”  WWE presented Mae with her very own WWE Diva’s Championship title belt on her 90th Birthday, last year.

Whether it be in Memphis or anywhere across the globe, Mae Young’s rich history in theprofessional wrestling business will never be forgotten.

Fun Facts:  During World War II, Mae Young was very instrumental in popularizing women’s wrestling.  In fact, Mae Young claims to have wrestled in Memphis the night World War II began.


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