Throwback Thursday: Memphis Wildfire Wrestling’s Southern Heavyweight Classic a success

Jerry Lawler with Trophy

Jerry Lawler wins 4th Annual Southern Heavyweight Classic.

The 4th Annual Memphis Wildfire Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Classic is in the books.  What an event it was!  Minglewood Hall in Midtown Memphis was jam-packed with over 300 fans ready to witness the crowning of a new Southern Classic winner.

They did not go home disappointed.

Not only did the audience witness Jerry “The King” Lawler defeat his very own son, “Grand Master Sexay” Brian Christopher, but they witnessed The King do what he does best – win Championships.  As if seeing The King taking care of business wasn’t enough of a throwback – I have the inside story on who was there and what makes them a part of the rich history of Memphis Wrestling.

On hand for the event were the legendary “Superstar” Bill Dundee, WWE Hall of Famer KoKo B. Ware, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Dave Brown & even former Memphis Power Pro Wrestling owner Randy Hales.  Each of these men helped make Memphis Wrestling what it is today in some way, shape, form or fashion.

For those of you who might not be familiar, Bill Dundee was and always will be Jerry Lawler’s #1 arch-rival.  Dundee also captured the Southern Tag Team Championship with Lawler.  He was Southern Heavyweight Championship on numerous occasions & pretty much held every Championship imaginable in the Mid-South.


MSL's Marcus Hunter interviews promoter Kevin Lawler prior to bell time.

MSL’s Marcus Hunter interviews promoter Kevin Lawler prior to bell time.

KoKo B. Ware made his presence felt in Memphis but became a huge star and Hall of Famer while with WWE.  Do you remember “Piledriver?”  Footage was shown to the audience at Minglewood Hall & little did I know the piledrive would rear its ugly head later in the evening.  KoKo competed alongside Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1988, performing at WrestleMania & of course he was multiple-time USWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Hales might be a name that you aren’t as familiar with as the others, but he kept Memphis Wrestling alive for many years with Power Pro Wrestling.  Randy worked backstage with USWA throughout the 80’s and 90’s, before his own promotion launched on WMC-TV5.  Randy also orchestrated the WWE Developmental deals in Memphis in the early 2000’s.

Last but certainly not least, Dave Brown.  Dave is not only the #1 weatherman in Memphis, TN but he was the voice of Memphis Wrestling throughout it’s legendary era in the territory days.  It’s always great to see Dave Brown.

These men were a part of a special meet and greet with the fans and Dave Brown opened the night with a special introduction.

MSL's Dustin Starr & Maria Garay make a grand entrance to face off against The King.

Dustin Starr & Maria Garay make a grand entrance to face off against The King.

With the new, upstart Memphis Wildfire Wrestling “catching fire” last week, there are two things that I have learned:

1.  We are sure to see many more Wildfire events for the wrestling fanatics in the Mid-South…

2.  Jerry “The King” Lawler is perfectly healthy.  Not only did Maria & I square off against The King in the Finals of the Southern Heavyweight Classic… but I fell victim to his devastating piledriver.

For a full list of results, click here.

Fun Facts:   Southern Heavyweight Classic was Jerry Lawler’s first time back in action in Memphis, TN since his heart attack in 2012.  Not only was it his first time wrestling in Memphis, but he won three consecutive matches to capture the 4th Annual Southern Heavyweight Classic trophy.


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