Throwback Thursday: The Worm originated in Memphis?

Scott TaylorFormer WWE Tag Team Champions Too Cool have been on fire, as of late.  They made their return to the ring as a team back on September 13, 2013 at Resorts Casino in Tunica, MS.  Since then, they have appeared on Monday Night RAW & NXT ArRival.  They’ll be back in action on March 15th for Revenge at Resorts II Cool.

But did you know that both members of Too Cool had to pass thru Memphis before heading to the WWE?

We all know Brian Christopher’s long history in Memphis Wrestling.  But did you know that Scotty Too Hotty wrestled in Memphis, as well?  Memphis might not be able to take credit for the birthplace of “The Worm” or the name “Scotty Too Hotty”, but he certainly launched his career in the early 1990’s in the Memphis-based USWA under the alias Scott Taylor.

Although there isn’t much footage of Taylor actually wrestling in Memphis, I was able to obtain footage from one of his first appearances in the WWF.  In this week’s Throwback Thursday clip, a young Scott Taylor faces off against former WWF World Champion & Hall of Famer Yokozuna (start at 2:45):

Scott Taylor, or Scotty Too Hotty as he’s more famously known, had a run at the WWF Light Heavyweight Title several times but was never able to capture it.  From there, he found a tag team partner in Brian Christopher.  Brian was an old foe from Scotty’s days in Memphis.  Scott Taylor then became “Too Hot” Scott Taylor along with “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher to form the team of “Too Much.”  It didn’t take long for the tag team to transition into one of the most entertaining tag teams of the WWF Attitude Era – Too Cool was born.

Be sure to catch Too Cool on March 15th at Resorts Tunica for Revenge at Resorts II Cool.  For ticket information, please call 866.706.7070.  You can also visit Memphis Power Wrestling’s Official Facebook Page for more details.

Fun Facts:  In late 1997, Scott Taylor took part in an eight-man tournament for the vacant WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, but was eliminated in the second round after being chokeslammed by Kane.  Because of the chokeslam, Taylor’s tag team partner Brian Christopher was able to capitalize with the pinfall.


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