MSL: 4.12.14 ‘Two Kevins, A Marcus & A Baby’

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(Segment 1) Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter  recap the trifecta of Friday night sporting events in Memphis during a special edition of the Starting 3.
(Segment 2 )  Memphis Flyer Grizzlies writer Kevin Lipe calls in for his weekly segment to talk about his new baby Grizzlies fan and who to cheer for in the Suns-Mavs game.
(Segment 3) Redbirds emcee Maria Garay joins the guys in studio to talk about the new baseball season.

(Segment 1) Hang Up & Listen with every caller getting a entry in the drawing to be on the MSL team at Links & Laces Golf Tour.
(Segment 2) Dustin Starr joins the guys in studio to discuss the end of The Undertaker’s streak, the death of The Ultimate Warrior and the latest with Macho Grizz/Stone Cold Grizz/Ultimate Grizz.
(Segment 3) Woohoos and Boos. 

Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter host MemphiSport Live (MSL) on Sports 56 & 87.7 FM every Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. MSL was voted 3rd Best Sports Radio Show in the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll.

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