MSL Podcast: 4.27.14 ‘Back Again’

MSL Presser


(Segment 1) Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter  talk about the Grizzlies vs. Thunder playoff series, Michael Heisley, and Donald Sterling.
(Segment 2)  Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Kevin Cerrito to talk about his latest Memphis Grizzlies playoff appearance, the “Yes!” chant, wrestling’s best entrances, David Letterman retiring, and more.
(Segment 3)  Cerrito announces the return of  ‘Have Grizzlies PA Announcer Rick Trotter Say Whatever You Like.′

MemphiSport Live


(Segment 1)  Memphis Flyer Grizzlies writer Kevin Lipe calls in for his weekly segment to talk playoffs and the Adam Silver press conference at FedExForum.
(Segment 2) Memphis Flyer’s Film/TV editor Greg Akers joins Kevin Cerrito to talk about what he recommends this month, who would play Russell Westbrook in a movie, and to tell us why Nashville Sucks.
(Segment 3) Woohoos and Boos.

MemphiSport Live


Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter host MemphiSport Live (MSL) on Sports 56 & 87.7 FM every Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. MSL was voted 3rd Best Sports Radio Show in the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll.

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