Potential Head Coaching Candidates for the Memphis Grizzlies

Dave Joerger has interviewed with the Minnesota Timberwolves for their head coaching vacancy. He was 50-32 in his first season as a head coach.

Dave Joerger has interviewed with the Minnesota Timberwolves for their head coaching vacancy. He was 50-32 in his first season as a head coach.

All hell has broken lose in the Memphis Grizzlies front office with the announcement that Jason Levien and Stu Lash are both out after possibly clashing with majority owner Robert Pera.  This news is unsettling to more than just Grizzlies fans as first year head coach Dave Joerger has decided to interview with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rumors are circulating about Pera not being a Joerger supporter, and that Pera wanted to fire him midway thru the season during the Grizzlies rough start.

Should Joerger leave for Minnesota Pera is going to need to move quickly to fill the head coaching vacancy before all the qualified candidates are taken.

Here is a list of potential coaches that Pera and the Grizzlies should think about hiring…

Tom Thibodeau
This is the dream hire for the Grizzlies. Thibodeau would be a perfect fit because of his tough, gritty, defense first mentality.  Since becoming the Bulls head coach in 2010, Chicago has been among the league’s best defenses, finishing no lower than third in the NBA in opponents points per game.  As the head coach for the Grizzlies, Thibodeau could revolutionize the defense is played in the association with players like Tonya Allen, Marc Gasol, and Mike Conley. Let us also remember this is the same coach that managed to lead Chicago to the playoffs the past two seasons without his best offensive player, Derrek Rose.  Since Thibodeau is still under contract with the Bulls they will need some sort of compensation, which Memphis should be more than happy to give up for a coach of his caliber.  Doc Rivers was traded to the Clippers last season for a first round draft pick and some cash, surely the Grizzlies can package a deal involving a draft picks and some other form of compensation.

George Karl
The 2012-2013 Coach of the Year recipient is still out of work and would be another great hire for the Grizzlies.  He is a future Hall of Famer with an impressive resume.  He interviewed last year for the Memphis head coach position before the Grizzlies decided to go with Joerger.  Karl is known for his ability to get the most out of his team’s offensively, which could help the Grizzlies who are always amongst the worst teams in the NBA when it comes to offensive production.    His 80-105 playoff record is a little concerning, but he has won over 1100 games in his career so it is clear he knows how to coach.

Lionel Hollins
Seems crazy for Hollins and Grizzlies management, right? After all, the two sides parted ways about a year ago after Memphis refused to offer Hollins a new contract.  Yet, if Pera is really serious about cleaning house in the Grizzlies front office there will be nobody left over from that ugly break up in 2013.  Memphis tried the analytics route and Pera was not a fan of it, so he could very easily approach Hollins and say we made a mistake please come back.  He could then make Hollins coach and even give him a position in the Grizzlies front office (I have a feeling that there will be more openings soon).  Hollins has interviewed with Minnesota and it is rumored that he and the Cavilers have a mutual interest also, but neither one of those teams are as good as Memphis. Throw in the fact that Hollins is one of the architects of the grit and grind culture and you have a good fit for the Grizzlies.

Mark Jackson
Although he was unable to last as Warriors head coach Jackson is still a hot commodity among organizations looking for a quality man to lead their team.  Golden State won 50-plus games this year for the first time since 1993 and made it to the playoffs before being ousted by the Clippers.  Jackson was instrumental in the development of young guards Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and he can help Conley make the jump to elite point guard status.  Not only will he help Conley, but Jackson will inject some much needed offensive spark into a team that needs to become more efficient on that side of the ball.

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