Throwback Thursday: Brandon Baxter & Scott Bowden are in big trouble

Scott Bowden & BB

Memphis Wrestling has been a training ground for some of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot inside the square circle.  The who’s who of professional wrestling have performed in Memphis at one time or another.  But throughout the years, we have also witnessed some of the greatest wrestling managers of all time.

From WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart to Memphis Wrestling mainstay Downtown Bruno (known in WWE as Harvey Wippleman), Memphis Wrestling is notorious for loud, obnoxious, wrestling managers.  Even the late, great Andy Kaufman made his mark in Memphis, TN.  For some reason, each manager who passed through Memphis always seemed to have a problem with The King.

In today’s Throwback Thursday, we rewind back to the early 1990’s.  Brandon Baxter and Scott Bowden, two of the most entertaining and charismatic managers we’ve ever seen, have a plan to go after Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Anyone who is familiar with either Brandon Baxter or Scott Bowden already know what is in store for these two.

Watch their plan fall apart, while a live studio audience watches in excitement.

The King did, in fact, beat “Wildfire” Tommy Rich to retain his Unified World Heavyweight Title.  It wasn’t a pretty sight for Brandon Baxter or Scott Bowden.

Scott Bowden was a mild-mannered referee turned heel, thanks to creative booking by the late Eddie Gilbert .  Bowden also claimed to be nephew of famed Florida State University coach Bobby Bowden.  You can read more about Scott Bowden at his blog entitled Scott Bowden presents Kentucky Fried Rasslin.

Brandon Baxter, on the other hand, worked for World Class Championship Wrestling for many years before debuting in Memphis.  Brandon booked Memphis PowerPro Wrestling during their WWE developmental years and continues to stay active in sports entertainment.  You can catch up with Brandon on 101.7 Kiss FM in Jonesboro or follow him on Twitter @BrandonOnKissFM.

Fun Facts:  Brandon Baxter is one of the very first people I ever met as a young, rookie, upstart at WMC-TV5.  Don’t worry, he no longer sports the blonde mullet.  As for Scott Bowden, yesterday he celebrated his Birthday.  Be sure to stop by his Facebook page to send your well-wishes.


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